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SESAME: Middle East Particle Accelerator Begins

Saturday, November 25th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

    Look in the ring
                (Image: Caraban Gonzalez, Noemi, © 2016-2017 CERN)
             In Jordan, the particle accelerator SESAME is now developing a research project of historical significance. Scientists from politically hostile states research together here.


        SESAME, the first particle accelerator in the Middle East, has begun its scientific work. As the responsible persons announced, on Wednesday the first monochromatic X-rays were registered, with which now different experiments are carried out. Next, an experiment will be put into operation, the resulting infrared radiation for analysis usable, before then 2018, a third so-called beam line added. This should be used for materials science. However, the entire system has not yet reached its full capacity, the step now taken is therefore only one in a long row.
The Synchrotron Light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East is an electron synchrotron. Unlike at CERN, for example, scientists here do not use the beam themselves for their research. Instead, the radiation emitted by the orbiting electrons is directed into connected experiments. These are now research on pollution and public health, but also on new cancer therapies. Historical research is also planned – from bioarchaeology to the analysis of old manuscripts. Rolf Heuer, President of the SESAME Council and the German Physical Society, congratulated the team on this "wonderful milestone". SESAME is a major contributor to the region's research infrastructure, which gives scientists access to facilities they previously had to travel to either Europe or the United States.
Historical cooperation for science The plant was inaugurated in May by Jordan's King Abdullah II. In the project initiated by UNESCO several states of the region cooperate, which are politically hostile, whose scientists can now work side by side in the research facility. Apart from Jordan, Cyprus, Egypt, Iran, Israel, Pakistan, the Palestinian Authority and Turkey are also officially involved. The observers of the independent operator organization include the EU, Germany, Russia and the USA. Important elements of the synchrotron come from the former Berlin ring BESSY I. However, the plant has been upgraded for operation in Jordan. The aim is to accelerate electrons to an energy of 2.5 GeV. This happens in the 133 meter long ring.

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    Abdullah II at the inauguration (Image: © SESAME)




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