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Saturday, January 20th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

Dividends in the US

After a weak first quarter of 2015, the US economy has continued its growth course. The US unemployment rate fell to 5.1 percent in August, the lowest level in seven years, and US inflation eased slightly off the brink in June, while the core rate rose to 1.8 percent year-on-year US Federal Reserve approached its target level of 2.0 percent.

The better data immediately approached speculation about an upcoming US interest rate reversal. But the Fed is holding back. At its most recent meeting no interest rate increase was decided. Many experts anticipate moderate interest rate increases at the earliest for the end of 2015.

In this environment, the business prospects of the US companies remain good. That the situation is better than the mood, showed the company's earnings reports for the first quarter of 2015. Two-thirds of the companies exceeded the expectations of analysts.

Compared to the European markets, however, US equities offer only low dividends. In return, they allow their shareholders to share in the company's performance in addition to the profit distribution through share buybacks. Because the money used for the share buyback flows to willing shareholders.

Sources: Thomson Reuters Datastream, FactSet, JP Morgan Chase & Co., as of 05/2015
German investors can easily benefit from this monetary policy of the US companies. One possibility for doing so is the equity fund DWS Top Dividende, which currently invests primarily in high-dividend US securities. While the DWS Top Dividende also invests in dividend securities from other countries, investors can invest exclusively in high-dividend stocks from the USA with the Deutsche Invest II US Top Dividend fund.

Dividends from Asia

Many Asian companies also regularly pay a dividend to their shareholders. Since acquisitions, mergers or share buyback programs are rare in Asia, excess money often flows directly to shareholders as a dividend.

On one hand, dividend payments have structural reasons, as Asian companies often include large families or the state as the main owners. Dividends in this case are a good way to get money into the coffers of the state or the family.

On the other hand, Asian companies can also attract more foreign investors through dividend payments. Because often companies from regions that are assigned to the emerging markets, with prejudices of foreign investors to fight. Through regular dividend payments, however, they can prove their reliability and seriousness and show that they think about the needs of their shareholders.

A good opportunity to invest in Asian equities is provided by broad-based equity funds such as the German Invest II Asian Top Dividend. The fund gives investors access to the best dividend papers from the Far East, while also offering investors the benefit of not having to pay all dividends on time and reclaiming overpaid tax at the local tax office can be. Investors who have already completed these procedures will appreciate this.

Dividend yields worldwide

According to the Henderson Global Dividend Index, stock corporations worldwide distributed dividends totaling approximately $ 1.17 trillion in 2014. The front-runner in terms of total dividends last year was North America, with approximately $ 392.8 billion. However, it is not the amount of the dividend that is decisive for the investor, but the dividend yield. Because this shows how high the "interest rate" is, which earns interest in the capital invested in shares.

The following ranking shows in which countries in 2014 the highest dividend yields were recorded.

Source: ArtisticPhoto / Shutterstock.com


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