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Security Updates: Partly Critical Gaps in Juniper's Junos OS

Monday, January 15th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

    (Picture: pixabay)
             Attackers could paralyze or even take over various network devices using Juniper's Junos OS. Security updates are available for download.


        Various routers, service gateways and switches from Juniper are vulnerable. The reason is ten security holes. The emergency team of BSI CERT Bund classifies the attack risk as "very high".
Threatened are devices of the series EX, MX and SRX with certain versions of Junos OS. At the end of the message, the security warnings of Juniper are linked. There you will find details about the affected versions, gaps and patches.
The most critical is the vulnerability with the identifier CVE-2018-0001. An attacker should be able to exploit the gap remotely without authentication. The core of the gap should be an older version of PHP, which is prone to use-after-free errors, which can ultimately lead to the execution of malicious code.
Greater gaps could allow attackers to disable devices via DoS attacks or gain higher rights. But for some attacks, an attacker must be in the same network as the victim.


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