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"Save the fundamental rights!": Broad Alliance calls for demo against surveillance

Thursday, September 7th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

  "Save the Fundamental Rights!": Broad Alliance calls for demo against surveillance



          07.09.2017 13:32 UhrStefan Krempl

    The "freedom instead of fear" in 2014
                (Image: Borys Sobieski, CC BY 2.0)
              On Saturday, a "feast of fundamental rights" will be held in Berlin together with a protest, in order to put a sign "against the anti-freedom policy of the great coalition" of the past few years shortly before the election.
            For three years, the organizers of the data protection demo have suspended "freedom instead of fear" in Berlin, now a large part of the old and some new alliance partners are back at the start shortly before the Bundestag elections and invite under the refreshed motto "Save the basic rights!" to a protest against the surveillance of the capital.
On Saturday afternoon, a cross-generational "Feast of Fundamental Rights" will be on the Gendarmenmarkt parallel to the citizens' festival of Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier (SPD). Between 2 pm and 4 pm, a demonstration train is to be passed through the middle of the concert hall, followed by the concert hall "with music, dance and elegance".
Against "monitoring as normal"
According to the protest call, the participants are supposed to put a "sign against the anti-freedom policy of the great coalition" over the past four years. "We've had enough of a government that pushes through the backdoor and overnight laws for hacking our computers and smartphones, and sees us citizens only as a giver of state and commercial 'data wealth'". As part of a society "becoming more and more normal in monitoring," one would be "strong" for those who "rely on private telephone and internet calls".
"We want a broad discussion about the digital society we want to live in," the organizers explain. Concretely, they are pushing to dismantle state surveillance in the sense of freedom, to protect privacy online as offline, to strengthen press freedom and to secure the rule of law. Data records of any kind give a clear refusal.
Many organizers
Behind the event is a broad alliance of around 50 organizations. These include the Working Group on Data Retention, Amnesty International, Attac, the German Association for Data Protection (DVD), Digital Courage, the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE), the Forum Informatics for Peace and Social Responsibility (FIfF), the Humanist Union, Party associations of the FDP, the Greens, the Left and the Pirates.
As "special attractions" the organizers announce, among other things, a "public" living room, a "sellout" of the basic rights, a crypto party as well as actions against automated face recognition – to match a controversial Pilottest at the station Südkreuz. "Bring your children and parents, because they definitely want to try our Biometrychminke," is the appeal under the keyword "colorful anonymisation". At the same time, protests and a demo are planned in Karlsruhe around the place of the fundamental rights.




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