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Samsung puts $ 6 billion in EUV Fab for 7nm chips

Saturday, February 24th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

    Samsung Electronics site Hwaseong with planned EUV Fab
                (Image: Samsung Electronics)
             At the Korean site Hwaseong, Samsung is building a new semiconductor plant with EUV lithography for 7 nm chips; one of the customers will be Qualcomm. Meanwhile, Intel invests in Israel.


        Samsung Electronics has laid the foundation for a new semiconductor factory at the South Korean production site Hwaseong. Construction is scheduled to be completed in 2019, and by 2020, production of 7-nanometer structures in the 7-nm Low-Power Plus (7LPP) manufacturing process is scheduled to begin. At about the equivalent of 6 billion US dollars, Samsung estimates the necessary investments. Production is to take place with EUV lithography, ie with light in the extreme ultraviolet (EUV) range.
Samsung has already brought a major client on board: Qualcomm also wants to have future generations of its Snapdragon SoCs for smartphones manufactured by Samsung, then with 7LPP. The partners, who are also competitors in the market of smartphone SoCs, also mention the integrated modems for 5G wireless technology in upcoming Snapdragon chips.

Samsung also wants to produce other chips for other clients in the new fab.
Intel invests in Kiryat Gat


          Intel's chip feature sizes in comparison
          (Picture: Intel)

Meanwhile, Israeli business minister Eli Cohen has announced after talks with Intel that the US chip maker wants to expand its Kiryat Gat site. In the next few years, investments of about 6 billion US dollars are planned here as well. Intel itself has not communicated yet, which chips and structural sizes it is.
Intel's Cobalt 10nm Technology At the IEDM 2017 in December, Intel said it would use cobalt as a conductor in some metal layers of upcoming 10nm chips. Although it has a higher resistance than copper, but offers other advantages in the fine lines.
7 nm vs. 10 nmThe manufacturing processes of the various chip manufacturers and contract manufacturers (Foundries) are difficult to compare, partly because of the different transistor structures (3D / FinFETs). However, Intel's 10-nm technology packs transistors closer than Globalfoundries and TSMC do with their 7-nm techniques, according to David Schor at Wikichip.org. Intel can do without EUV lithography, but uses quad patterning. However, Intel is struggling with major delays in the introduction of 10-nm processors such as Cannon Lake (and with bugs like Meltdown and Specter, which of course have nothing to do with manufacturing technology).
Globalfoundries wants to produce the first 7nm chips without EUV, so continue to use immersion lithography. TSMC already manufactures prototypes of 7nm chips.




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