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Ryzen Mobile: AMD's big step back in the notebook market

Thursday, October 26th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

    (Picture: AMD)
             AMD has introduced the first notebook processors of the Ryzen series: Ryzen 7 2700U and Ryzen 5 2500U are supposed to work together with Intel's quad core of the eighth Core-i generation.


        After AMD with the Ryzen CPUs since the beginning of the year has brought fresh wind into the desktop PC market, now follows the next step in the mobile segment: the codenamed Raven Ridge under development with Ryzen CPU and integrated Vega GPU grab Intel in the notebook market. Unlike the earlier mentioned AMD, the marketing concept APU, which hitherto was used, which should obscure a reasonably weak CPU performance behind a higher GPU performance, only appears in footnotes of its presentation: Raven Ridge is officially named Ryzen Processor with Radeon Graphics.


          The-shot of a Raven Ridge CPU with four Ryzen cores (left center) and Vega GPU (right)
          (Picture: AMD
    Even with the benchmarks shown by AMD – our own measurements could not be made due to lack of hardware – no obscure special cases were presented, but classic CPU benchmarks like Cinebench R15. AMD's figures have it all: The Ryzen 7 2700U is supposed to create over 700 Cinebench points on an AMD reference platform. For comparison, we have Intel's quad core i5-8250U in a 15.6-inch notebook with 550 points measured; in flat 13.3-inch, the processor should land at approximately 500 points because of smaller cooling solutions. The fact that the cooling system is the decisive factor in all performance measurements of notebooks also recognizes AMD: If you run the Cinebench R15 in a loop, which heats notebook and cooler overall, should be depending on the cooling solution only 448 to 553 points in it.
Of course, AMD has not limited itself to CPU performance alone: ​​the integrated GPU with Vega architecture is to be the fastest of its kind and in the 3DMark Timespy over 900 points, which would be twice the Intel's current HD 620. However, the 3DMark value only applies to the top model Ryzen 7 2700U: The GPU of the Ryzen 5 2500U contains only 8 instead of 10 shader units, which also run with a lower clock. They do not differ from the 3D performance: Both decode current video codecs including H.265 / HEVC and VP9 completely in hardware; for H.264 and H.265 is also a hardware encoder on board. Freesync, HDR or both are also possible.

                AMD's Ryzen processors for notebooks
                processor model
                Cores / threads
                CPU clock
                L3 cache
                GPU clock
                Ryzen 7 2700U
                2.2 GHz (turbo to 3.8 GHz)
                4 MB
                10 Vega CUs
                to 1.3 GHz
                Ryzen 5 2500U
                2.0 GHz (turbo to 3.6 GHz)
                4 MB
                8 Vega CUs
                to 1.1 GHz
        Feature equality We are excited about how the first notebooks with Ryzen processor will beat us in the laboratory. Either way, however, it is clear that AMD is launching a serious competitor to Intel's Core-i generation, which covers the same performance range and also allows the same notebook designs: Both have a nominal 15 watts TDP (Thermal Design Power), the can be increased up to 25 watts depending on the design design using cTDP (configurable TDP) or can be reduced to up to 9 (AMD) or 10 watts (Intel).
AMD also has the same power and turbo functions: The Turbo function Precision Boost 2 increases the process speed depending on the number of threads to be processed; with good cooling solutions and low chip temperatures, the "super-turbo" mXFR (Mobile XFR) still provides a boost. The entire chip is supplied via a voltage regulator, a finer control is then performed directly on the die depending on the functional unit. Unused CPU or GPU units are completely switched off by means of power gating.

    Image 1 of 54
     (Picture: AMD)

Notebook DebutantsIn the US, three notebooks with the new Ryzen processors are expected to come on the market before Christmas, all of which are located in the middle to higher price segment: Lenovo brings the 13.3-inch IdeaPad 720s, Acer and HP the 15.6 -Zöller Swift 3 or Envy x360 on the market. While HP Deutschland could not tell on demand whether the Ryzen-equipped Envy x360 will be synonymous in this case, Acer and Lenovo want to sell their Ryzen notebooks in Germany. The Acer Swift 3 should be available from the end of December at prices starting at 800 euros. Lenovo Germany has not yet been able to name a price, but plans to launch the market in February 2018.




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