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Ryanair boss makes fun of Powerpoint presentation over Lufthansa

Monday, September 4th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Michael O'Leary falls to his colleagues in the aerospace industry. The Ryanair boss is barely wearing neckties, his clothes are colorful and otherwise he behaves rather less like a classic top manager.
His ideas are often crazy and keep headlines. So he wanted to abolish the co-pilots – on the grounds that the autopilot was flying the plane anyway. He suggested free tickets, standing for the passengers and a toilets charge on board. Insults like "damned idiots" come to him in conversations loosely over the lips.
Especially in Rage, the Ryanair CEO currently says that Lufthansa will probably take over large parts of Air Berlin. At a press conference in Berlin, he described the process as an "obvious plot", as the "World" reports. With the German government, a "monster" was created. His words were not, however, this time attracted attention: He had prepared for the medientermin in the German capital bitterness Powerpoint slides.
First, O'Leary took over Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr. He mounted his head on the figure Gru from the film "Ich – Einfach incorugable". He compared Spohr with the film eye Gru, who usually steals precious things with nasty techniques. At his hand he holds a Minion, one of Grus's helpers, who have only one goal: to serve the most terrible villain of history. The head of former Lufthansa manager and Air Berlin boss Thomas Winkelmann sits on the yellow Minion body. The message is clear: "Minion Winkelman," says O'Leary, is part of the conspiracy between Lufthansa and the federal government to take over Air Berlin.
Berlin's Mayor Michael Müller was also the target. At the beginning of the week, he had chosen Lufthansa as the buyer of Air Berlin. The employment model of the competitor Ryanair is not what he is striving for, says Müller. He wanted a "reliable partner". In his Powerpoint presentation, O'Leary copied a photo of the Social Democrat into the famous portrait of socialist revolutionary leader Che Guevara. In addition, he said, "Ryanair is hostile to the workers?" In addition, the film showed that the airline employs 13,000 people, of which more than 1,000 in Germany, that there are no strikes and that 500 people are on the waiting list for pilots.
However, even if O'Leary asked the authorities to do something about the merger – he himself would rather not buy any shares from Air Berlin.


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