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Russian Nato

Russian Nato

German Army Hell March

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Seventy percent of Russian-language tweets targeting NATO military activities in Eastern Europe are generated by automated Russian trolls.

The Russian navy has put on an unusual show of military muscle, displaying some of its newest arms and missile kit in the main square in its westernmost big port city ...

NATO leaders have been left 'stunned' after witnessing an impressive level of combat readiness by the Russian Navy in Syria.

Europe Finland debates joining NATO despite Russian warnings. If one Finnish presidential candidate has his way, Finland will upgrade its current NATO partnership to ...

For more than two decades, NATO has strived to build a partnership with Russia, developing dialogue and practical cooperation in areas of common interest. Cooperation ...

Russian lawmaker Vyacheslav Alekseyevich Nikonov said nuclear weapons would be necessary in the event of a U.S. or NATO invasion of Crimea or eastern Ukraine.

Turkish fighter jets shot down a Russian fighter jet near the Syrian border after it violated Turkey's airspace, a Turkish official said.

Russia's submarine activity has ticked up considerably in the past few years, with more Russian deployments spotted every year, a NATO official says.

Russian servicemen march during the Victory Day parade, marking the 71st anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany in World War Two, at Red Square in Moscow ...

Russia have deployed new electronic jamming systems that are able to blind radar, disrupt electronic guidance systems, and interfere with satellite imagery. NATO have ...

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Exército Brasileiro avalia quatro helicópteros de ataque; dois deles, russos - Forças Terrestres ...

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