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Royal Wedding: Meghan Markle wants to make a speech at her wedding – World

Saturday, March 10th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

The countdown is on, more and more details are seeping through – albeit often unconfirmed: In less than 70 days, on 19 May, starting at 1 pm Central European Time, millions of people will attend the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on screen. Not only will they give the broadcasters high ratings, but they will once again prove that the world of the monarchy – perhaps in times of war and insecurity – is a place of great public interest. And finally, the British Royal Family, with its disciplined and seemingly unwavering Queen, the former dramas of Princess Diana, and the current fortunes of her two sons, has been providing enough material for decades. First, however, the older of them, Prince William, will headline with his wife Kate , Because in April, not only the wedding anniversary of the two for the seventh time. At the same time, the couple's third child will also be born this month – brother George is now four, sister Charlotte will be three on May 2nd. Her parents have been drawing a bit of attention since the engagement of Harry with Meghan in late November last year. Above all, Kate was previously regarded as the trendsetter of a modern monarchical life – in terms of style, parenting and the role of women. Since her childhood she is politically involved that Meghan Markle will bring new ideas in the royal family, is certain. After all, contrary to the protocol, she was already allowed to celebrate Christmas with the Queen, is divorced, and has taken a stand not only in her profession as an actress before her relationship with Harry. Her commitment to women's rights, for equality in all, culminated in her speech on behalf of the United Nations on Women's Day 2015. In this speech, she gives an idea of ​​the energy with which she has pursued her goals since she was a child, charming and purposeful. that she has already declared that she wants to speak at her wedding. Instead of her father Thomas Markle, "The Independent" reported, she would take the opportunity to speak in front of the 800 or so guests at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle – and thus a new chapter in British history The archbishop has already christened Meghan Markle, and who will witness this speech live? There are several thousand people in the United Kingdom who are hoping for the postman every day. Will he bring you an invitation? Or do you have to make do with the TV? Depending on how the couple has decided, guests may sit in the chapel, stand or be outside. Who has his place in the church safe, is Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury. He takes the bride and groom off the marriage promise. Welby became active last Tuesday. He christened the 36-year-old American in a private ceremony with Jordan Water. Markle, who used to be a Protestant, now belongs to the Anglican Church. She had given early warning that she wanted to enter the Church of England out of respect for the Queen and her position as the secular head of the Anglican Church. Similar motives had more than 70 years ago Prince Philip – before he married Elizabeth.

With a carriage they drive through the city. With as many people as possible in any form to attend the wedding in May, Meghan and Harry will then drive in a carriage through the city. "We want to give more people a chance to get together in Windsor and enjoy the atmosphere of that special day," the couple said via Twitter now. These spectators will then be able to admire Meghan's dress, about whose price is already eagerly speculated. The equivalent of 450,000 euros will cost dress, accessories, make-up and hairstyle. Burberry or Victoria Beckham are traded as designers. Negative headlines circulate shortly before the festive event is part of the usual routine. Fresh is the rumor, Harry should have an illegitimate child. "Prince Harry is the father of my baby," claims a woman who wants to spend a night with him in 2013 in a handwritten note to the palace attorney. This should prove the fact that the child has red hair. Also in the realm of speculation is the prediction of a British fortune teller, who assumes that Meghan and Harry will part before the wedding. It is certain, however, that the British may celebrate on May 19 longer than usual. The curfew in the pubs has been extended by two hours. And it is also certain that Meghan Markle remains true to herself. "I never wanted to be a woman who only goes for lunch – I always wanted to be a woman who works." It will be exciting how she translates that. (with KNA)


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