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  ROUNDUP / Shares New York Closure: North Korea Crisis Ensures Quotation | News | Bit Updates
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ROUNDUP / Shares New York Closure: North Korea Crisis Ensures Quotation | News

Friday, September 22nd, 2017 | bitcoin updates

NEW YORK (dpa-AFX) – Wall Street has braked on the Friday of the conflict in North Korea. The large indices came on the spot. The Dow Jones Industrial (Dow Jones 30 Industrial) closed 0.04 percent lower to 22 349.59 points. On weekdays, the index has a small plus of 0.37 percent. Investors did not take risks before the weekend and instead bought government bonds. US President Donald Trump has named North Korean President Kim Jong Un as a "madman". Trump had previously called a "dement old man". His foreign minister Ri Yong Ho also signaled that North Korea could test a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific. According to the US, the European Union also announced new sanctions against Pyongyang.MARTIAL TONES FROM NORTH KOREA "The recent war of words is not just a shake of the stock market," said analyst Mike van Dulken of Accendo Research. Miraji Othman from the BayernLB spoke of "renewed martial tones from North Korea". The market-wide S & P 500 index closed 0.06 percent higher to 2502.22 points. The technology-driven Nasdaq-100 posted 0.04 percent to 5932.32 counts. MERION FANTASY DRIVES MOBILE FUNCTIONSApple (Apple) shares continued the downtrend begun at the beginning of the month. The paper lost 1.34 percent, which means that the share price losses have risen to nearly 8 percent since the record high of September 1 at just under US $ 165. Traders pointed to the growing doubts about the market as a result of the success of the new iPhone models. In addition, the views are again directed to the mobile phone T-Mobile US and Sprint. The papers of the telecom subsidiary and Sprint, which had already risen sharply on Tuesday, were again in demand. T-Mobile gained 1.06 percent and Sprint even 6.10 percent. Traders were referring to a media report, according to which both companies are coming closer and closer to becoming a mobile giant on the US market. An agreement could be imminent. Verizon's papers also rose by just under 2 percent.FIRST SOLAR USE OF POSSIBLE CRIMINAL POLICIES A decision by the International Trade Commission in the US on low-cost imports of solar systems led to a strong health slump of 5.62 percent in the papers of the US manufacturer First Solar. The Commission had concluded that cheap imports from the domestic solar industry are detrimental. As a result, she is now likely to propose to the US President punitive charges and import quotas. According to the Bloomberg news agency, this is likely to happen in November.Boeing (Boeing) shares increased slightly. The airline Turkish Airlines wants to buy long-range jets from the aircraft manufacturer. The deal is expected to include 40 copies of the latest Boeing 787-9 "Dreamliner". CARMAX AND FINISH LINE INCREASE Strong price gains were also achieved at two smaller values. For example, the sports product retailer The Finish Line gained 5.53 percent after the company had said optimistically about the fourth quarter. The company operates more than 600 stores in the US. According to the company's own 178 car dealerships, CarMax's largest US car dealer was up 7.77 percent. The company reported recently higher sales figures and prices – despite the closure of some car homes for several weeks due to the hurricane "Harvey" .EURO GIVES WIN AGAIN The euro has largely relinquished initial price gains in US foreign exchange trading. The Community currency lastly cost $ 1,1950, after rising at $ 1.20 at noon. The European Central Bank (ECB) set the reference price at 1.1961 (Thursday: 1.1905). The dollar thus cost 0.8361 (0.88400) euros. US government bonds have posted gains in the face of the North Korean conflict, all runners have slightly increased./bek/tos— By Benjamin Krieger, dpa-AFX —


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