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  ROUNDUP: Macron wants common taxes – evasive to Cattenom | | Bit Updates
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ROUNDUP: Macron wants common taxes – evasive to Cattenom |

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

LUXEMBOURG (dpa-AFX) – France's President Emmanuel Macron has called for a harmonization of taxes on corporate taxation in the European Union on a visit to Luxembourg. "It is imperative to harmonize taxation in the European Union and to define tax rates together," he said on Tuesday evening in Luxembourg following a meeting with the Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel and the Belgian Prime Minister, Charles Michel. The tax harmonization could also be an example of a possible deepening of the Union by a group of EU members. "Europe can not work with too much differences in tax rates," said Macron. It should be possible to define, for example, 'corridors' in which the national taxation of the company is concerned. He praised Luxemburg expressly. The country, which had once been scolded as a "tax paradise", had done a great deal under the guidance of Bettels "to meet the rules of transparency and cooperation." Bettel also stressed that the Grand Duchy was no longer a "black list" of taxpayer parades , However, a financial transaction tax is only acceptable to Luxembourg "if it applies worldwide": "We want rules that apply to all." Macron said that the EU states would have to ensure that taxes do not lead to the tax base simply being shifted to other countries: "We French are experts on this issue." Macron reaffirmed his pledge to an EU where several speeds were possible and individual states would not participate in all the projects. He did not want to be able to shut down the Cattenom nuclear power plant directly on the border with Luxembourg and Germany. "I know this is a sensitive issue," he said. Bettel had previously said, "This is a topic that worries us very much." Like the governments of the Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate, Luxembourg also calls for a rapid decommissioning of the power plant Cattenom. The Atletiler, which was commissioned in 1986, is regarded as a pannan. Bettel renewed the offer of Luxembourg to participate financially in the restoration of Cattenoms and also in alternative energy projects in the region. Macron merely said that he supported closer regional cooperation. The French government knows that they are still talking about Cattenom in the future msse./eb/DP/he


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