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  Rising prices: billion billions Aramco-Brsengang: Will the OPEC be as before? | News | Bit Updates
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Rising prices: billion billions Aramco-Brsengang: Will the OPEC be as before? | News

Saturday, October 7th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Saudi Arabian rulers plan to bring five percent of the Saudi Aramco group to Brse in Riyadh by the end of 2018, as well as to international markets such as New York, London and Hong Kong. The Saudis are starting from a very high valuation – it could be around the largest Brsengang of all times. However, the Arabian kingdom will have to rethink its OPEC policy with this move.
High prices for Brsengang?

Since September 2017, the prices have been rising steadily. At the end of the month, the Brent-L price even rose to over US $ 58 per barrel. The head of the Gazprom Marketing and Trading business sees the end of the flagpole not yet reached and even thinks that the prices are up to 60 US dollars per barrel.

The background to the black gold prices are also defined reductions which shift the relationship between supply and demand. However, demand growth should not be solely responsible for rising prices. Market participants suggest that prices are driven upwards. In the past, the organization of country-exporting countries, OPEC, had had to accept a "conspiracy for the price agreement", among others Herbert Kohl, Senator of the US Democrats from Wisconsin.

And indeed, Saudi Arabia has an increased interest in strong prices. For the evaluation of the Aramco larch is based on the prices for l – if these are high, the proportion which is to be brought into the population during the course of the Brsengang is also assessed. So far, the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman assumes that the value of Aramco is estimated to be worth at least two trillions of dollars. He reckons his estimate on the large crude reserves of his country. In order to achieve this rating goal, however, the price would have to climb at least $ 60 per barrel. Experts doubt, however, that this bill will rise and estimate the possible market capitalization of Saudi Aramco as much lower.
in Saudi Arabia's OPEC policy
Within the government and leadership of Aramco some conservatives see the Aramco-IPO with mixed feelings. The crown prince is, however, convinced of the Brsengang, and is holding on to it. However, Saudi Aramco's path to the Brse raises questions about the future role of the kingship in the OPEC. Saudi Arabia would be the only member with a listed company. Furthermore, the company oversees the enormous collections of Saudi Arabia and has been one of the largest members since OPEC. With the Brsengang the economic interests of the liesen differ from those of the OPEC. Finally, Aramco, as a listed company, must also satisfy its investors.

In general, the oil producer will have to rethink. As soon as the shares of the liesen are released, the company must take the wishes of external investors into account and fulfill obligations towards them. In addition, investors must be convinced by the strategy that a reduction in production can also have an advantage, as has been strived for the past: higher prices by limiting the subsidy.
Exchange with Norway
For Saudi Arabia and the OPEC, the brewery of the Erdlfrder Society is uncharted territory. The state of Norway has already listed its state owned company Statoil, but still owns 67 per cent. Last year, a meeting took place in which an exchange took place between Saudi Arabia and Norway. It was mainly about how Aramco's business can be modified before the company goes to the breach. However, there was no connection between the companies, they had only exchanged experiences.

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