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  Resistance to toilet concept: Berlin's CDU wants to save the "city toilets" – Berlin | Bit Updates
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Resistance to toilet concept: Berlin's CDU wants to save the "city toilets" – Berlin

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017 | bitcoin updates

The woman walks purposefully towards the gray cube. Stands still. Looks at the red and white ribbon that spans the door. "Tell me," she asks in the round, "is the toilet closed?" Christian Gräff jumps in immediately. "I'll let you in," says the CDU representative. "Is only a small action Do you have 50 cents?" The "City Toilet" is locked on this Monday only for a few minutes – and only symbolic. For the Union is launching its campaign against the new toilet concept of the Senate at the Helene Weigel Square in Marzahn. At the turn of the year 2018/19 the contract with Wall AG ends, which will then have operated the public places in Berlin for 25 years – in return for advertising space, which they were allowed to rent elsewhere. The country sees in this coupling antitrust problems and wants to separate the allocation of both areas. Andreas Geisel, at that time SPD environmental senator, had already initiated this in the grand coalition. His successor Regine Günther pursues this plan now. And time is short. Until now, not even the call has been made. Nevertheless, already in early 2018, a new operator is to be established, who would then have a year ahead to procure the first toilets and to organize the operation. In the spring, the Council of Mayors had urged in view of the shortage of time for a one-year extension of the Wall Treaty, disabled representatives even to a two-year – so far without success. By 2019, the Senate calculated two years for the transition: In this time, the Wall AG demolish their facilities and the successor build the new ones. The fact that this could easily take over the 171 old city toilets and then replace gradually, is due to high price expectations as "unlikely", as it says in the concept (here as a PDF to download). "So far, there is no signal from the company Wall," says Günthers spokeswoman Dorothee Winden on Tagesspiegel-request. However, in case of doubt, the Wall AG will ask if they want to stay on the demolition costs. The "Tour de Toilette" by Berlin1 of 8Foto: dpa20.10.2014 17: 38 Meeting point is the "Café Octagon" on the Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin-Mitte .Previous Next

As an interim solution, the CDU is already on Monday, a chemistry loo next to the "city toilet", inscription: "City toilet 2.0, model red-red-green". A bit bold perhaps, because the Senate has envisaged for the transition mobile toilets in the style of sanitary containers. Gräff fears a "toilet complex" Christian Gräff, construction policy spokesman for his group in the House of Representatives, does not believe that the country can attract other companies. The Senate calculates with costs of 130 million euros over 15 years, 8.5 million euros annually from 2019 in the budget earmarked for it. For acquisition and operation taken together that will not be enough, says Gräff. "Under these conditions, the Senate will not find a candidate." An institute under public law, which is supposed to monitor only the private enterprise, suspected the CDU politician would have to step in the end possibly. "A toilet complex," scoffs Gräff. "The state of Berlin, however, will not be able to build on that in two years." The CDU therefore wants to stick to the tried and tested model of financing the toilets by giving the private operator advertising space and thus earning his money. In terms of antitrust law, Wall AG has also been granted exclusive rights for a specific form of advertising in the previous contract, the so-called City Lights posters. Gräff advocates renouncing such regulations without immediately calling the entire system into question. He also does not expect revenue growth if the country advertises the advertising space separately. The "Senate toilet" from Helene-Weigel-Platz should therefore tour in the next few weeks through the districts to build political pressure.This also serves a postcard action. The governing mayor should make the toilet question a top priority when it comes to the CDU. "Mr. Müller, stop the toilet nonsense!", Says in the ready-made letter. There is talk of a "toilet crisis that stank to heaven", before the Wall AG took over. That even today more than 20 percent of existing toilets are not functional, remains unmentioned. To the political goals of red-red-green, it is called abruptly: "The Senate should operate the toilets themselves." The toilet concept, however, recommends a private operator for the next 15 years, possibly with an extension of five more. Only then will a re-communalisation be promised.

Marzahn-Hellersdorf initially has to accept losses The Senate environmental administration has also planned expansion stages in its concept: at the end of 2020, when the change of operator is completed, a basic service with 257 toilets should be ensured. That would correspond approximately to the current state, which covers next to the 171 city toilets also still a few dozen different type. As part of a so-called improved supply, the stock could grow to 366 locations by 2022. The luxury option would be 447 public toilets; It should be tackled at the earliest from 2024.Marzahn-Hellersdorf's Environment Councilor Johannes Martin (CDU), however, initially sees disadvantages. Out of a total of 13 public toilets, ranging from 65,000 to 70,000 passers-by each year, only eight remain in its district in the first stage. Only with the improved supply would the number increase to 19 locations. But Martin does not trust the Senate: In the toilet concept is only spongy of an "option" the speech.


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