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  Report on Berlin Airport: Keeping Tegel Open? Blind flight on long-distance! – Politics | Bit Updates
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Report on Berlin Airport: Keeping Tegel Open? Blind flight on long-distance! – Politics

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

The legal opinion commissioned by the Senate after the Tegel referendum to temporarily calm the mind confirms the attitude of the red-red-green coalition to close the old airport, but does not solve their problem: As long as there are opportunities for openness, and such describes for clarification Former federal judge Stefan Paetow, as long as the opposition parties are maintaining the pressure, as parliamentary representatives of a vote qualified majority of the city. The possibility of an airport, both an old one in Tegel and a new one in Schönefeld, remains the Senate's biggest weakness. Rationally, insisting on the will of the people and the theoretical possibility of implementing it is not. Although it says in the report only, currently the Senate should do nothing to keep Tegel open, but there are also other times and other political constellations. But that all three often conflicting shareholders, so Berlin, Brandenburg and the federal government, in unison just the long-decided land plan change, is as unlikely as a surprising opening BER still this year. And even so that would be only the first stage of one legal long-distance blind flight. It was followed by the necessary, hard-to-prove proof that the capacity of the BER even with extension buildings is not enough, then the route by a storm of applause, strained by organizations, municipalities, competitors and private individuals. Everything very risky, very imponderable, very unpolitisch.Ein Berlin alone would have significant consequencesOnly there would be a detour, with an uncertain goal: Berlin could terminate the joint state planning – effective, however, would say that only in 2022, two years after the planned opening of BER, more precisely : After the currently planned opening. But if it were 2020, Tegel would have to be closed afterwards, defying all conceivable trickery in a cold, unofficial opening. And a new state planning of Berlin would be ready at the earliest in 2025, rather later. The consequences of such a risky solo arrival, ie the detour to Tegel over the termination of the joint state plan, would be considerable and far from being limited to the continued operation of an airport. Such a BERxit can not be reliably planned, but it does not take much imagination to imagine following scenarios, none of them pleasant: a growing city that has to renegotiate its already fragile relationship with the disgruntled neighbors Brandenburg; an economy that buries its hope for continued growth at the end of the Tegel runway; a hard-to-repair loss of confidence and authority in state politics; a planning chaos on all levels, which is not beautiful as a Berlin folklore.

The history of Tegel Airport in pictures1 from 8002.02.2017 09: 45Not the same thing every day is seen from this perspective: the airport in Berlin-Tegel. On the right the terminal with the two runways … PreviousNextThe new Tegel report shows only one responsible way out of the dilemma of the successful-hopeless plebiscite: the possibility of one airport must face the reality of the other, so fast, so reliable, so transparent , how it goes. There is therefore no more important project for this Senate than the completion of the BER.72 pages of legal expertise: The complete TXL report can be downloaded here as PDF. The Berlin Monitor shows your opinion on the major topics of the capital. Registering helps to improve results. More information here.


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