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Renunciation of faction membership: Frauke Petry caught the AfD cold – Politics

Monday, September 25th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

For her departure Frauke Petry chose the very large stage. Perfectly dressed up from her morning television appearance, the AfD boss at the Monday morning enters the hall of the federal press conference. It is as full as it is rare. The Partyspitze wants to talk about the election success before the capital press – almost 13 per cent are a reason to celebrate. But Petry, she quickly makes it clear, is not enough. The potential of the bourgeois voters is much greater. And then the boss lets the bomb burst: she does not want to belong to the AfD faction. For a moment, Party Secretary Christian Lüth looks as if he has swallowed a table tennis ball. Petry leaves the room. Thus, the new AfD faction in the Bundestag already began to divide before the first meeting. In the party, some are reminded of the dramatic departure of the party boss Bernd Lucke, who, after his election as a party chairman, left the AfD and founded his own party. He took over 2000 members. Now many wonder whether Petry, too, with several AfD deputies wants to separate a group from the faction.Weidel calls: Petry must leave the party The rumor has already been around longer. In the electoral party on the eve, anxious party members are also sitting together and discussing whether a split is imminent. But the party's officials are still at the time: Petry will at least wait for the parliamentary group meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday before deciding whether to join. At the time of her announcement, she caught the party friends coldly. Many are sour. The top candidate, Alice Weidel, even a few hours after the Eklat even claimed that the boss had to leave the party and put her office down. Petry does not want to say exactly what she is going to do after her departure. She will remain brief in the foyer of the House of the Federal Press Conference to answer a few questions. Says that she wants to belong to the Bundestag as a fractional deputy – "for the time being". On Facebook, she writes that she wants to "ensure that we are able to initiate the actual social change at the latest by 2021". How to do this: no explanation. The fact that Petry decided to take this step shows how deep the ditch is now between her and the AfD. In recent weeks she has hardly spoken to the two top candidates. In the election campaign, she seldom looked at official AfD events. At the party conference in April, the party colleagues had finally made it clear enough that for the time being they would not follow their "realpolitical course", with which they wanted to reach bourgeois voters. For Petry it was a turning point.

Petry: Moderate members are "discredited" Even after the election, she is now warning again. The fact that the anchorage of the AfD in the center of society has "noticeably diminished". Criticizes in the "Morgenmagazin" party colleagues for their absent positions. And says "moderate and serious members" would be "discredited at all levels" and gradually migrated. What they mean by this is also evident at the press conference which the Saxon regional group of the AfD has convened for Monday. The men sit in front of a mirror wall in a Leipzig hotel, they are wearing suits. In their center is the controversial judge Jens Maier, who has become a "little bump" and has moved to Landeslistenplatz two in the Bundestag. The men blasphemed Petry. When asked about the direct mandate which the party leader brought in her constituency, Maier says: In the constituency, a "blue broom could have been put into the corner", he would have been elected anyway. The AfD deputies from their home country have left only contempt for Petry. The performance also makes it clear: It will be difficult to hold the group of 93 parliamentarians together. There are not only the right rebels from Saxony. There are also young radicals such as Markus Frohnmaier from Baden-Württemberg, who has worked with targeted taboo crashes in the past to move the party to the right. This year he met with the Austrian leader of the "Identity Movement" observed in Germany by the constitution. In the group are old men like Wilhelm von Gotberg, who in the past described the Holocaust as an "effective instrument for the criminalization of the Germans and their history". There are also numerous supporters of the Thuringian law-making Björn Höcke. A total of at least 20 members of parliament in the new group represented radical views. Approximately 30 are considered moderate according to internal estimates. Alexander Gauland and Alice Weidel, who will lead the faction well, are facing difficult times. Gauland did not call the AfD a "fermenting heap" for nothing. The departure of Petry should not have been the last scandal that this faction has experienced.

"She is a clever woman" The fact that the party chairman now follows a large-scale deputy so that she meets the necessary 36 for a faction, but party officials do not go out. Even if the AfD parliamentary group in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern was not split until Monday, Federal President Georg Pazderski considers this scenario to be "very, very unlikely". Petry's sympathizers strongly believe that Petry still has a plan. "It is a clever woman, she will not have made it out of the blue haze," says Berengar Elsner of Gronow, the chairman of the "alternative center" in NRW, which is in the AfD as a bourgeois conservative counterweight to the right- Wing "of Björn Höcke. And yet, even Elsner von Gronow would be one who would have to know if Petry had sworn to a moderate degree of moderate deputies. Whether there will be overcurses, will show up on Tuesday at the latest. In a large hearing room of the Bundestag the faction will appoint its top staff. If you do not appear there, you do not want to belong. That this is true of Petry, the future fractional point seems to be little to worry about. "We naturally regret when talents make such a decision." It sounds like manager's speech, impersonal. After that, she is not so wrong that the faction now has a potential quarrel. And Alexander Gauland? He takes the opportunity to provoke a big audience again. He questioned whether Israel's right to exist was really the state-prince of Germany. Frauke Petry will not blame him anymore.


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