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  Reaction to Trumps UN speech: Netanyahu drifts into the camp of Illiberal – Politics | Bit Updates
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Reaction to Trumps UN speech: Netanyahu drifts into the camp of Illiberal – Politics

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Surprised, distraught, shocked: many people reacted to the first speech by US President Donald Trump before the United Nations. He threatened North Korea with total destruction, he called Iran a rogue state that was exporting violence. The nuclear agreement, which all five members of the UN Security Council plus Germany concluded with Tehran, is a shame. Only one of them rubbed his hands. In the more than thirty years he had heard speeches at the United Nations, Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, had not been bold, courageous, and outspoken than those of Trump.Netanjahu and Trump. They have forged an alliance in which even the slightest differences are stifled by their understanding of each other. Example Charlottesville, Virginia. When Neo-Nazis crossed the streets a few weeks ago, chanting anti-Semitic slogans, Netanjahu, who was usually so fierce, remained silent. Trump turned around, making the two sides, demonstrators and counter-demonstrators responsible for the violence, then condemned the right-wing extremists, rowed back again. It was not only Holocaust survivors in Israel and the USA that found the pamphlet to be embarrassing and dignified. The newspaper "Haaretz" wrote that Netanyahu had lost all the rest of a moral compass.Netanjahu and Orban: Anti-Semitism Does not Scare HimIlliberal pop-populists are on the rise in America and Europe. Where is Israel's position in this conflict, which traditionally raises its voice for the persecuted? With Netanyahu, the country clearly drifts towards authoritarianism. At least as closely as Trump, "Bibi" forged to Hungary's premier Viktor Orban. Even evil campaigns against the billionaire, philanthropists and Holocaust survivors George Soros, who rely on antisemitic stereotypes, does not denounce Netanyahu. Yes, he is even more annoyed: he is even accusing Soros and his open-society foundation, as they are also making a difference to the rights of the Palestinians. Lastly, Vladimir Putin remains. In the Russian President, too, Netanyahu appears to have a brother in his mind, despite several quarrels. When, after the annexation of the Crimea in the UN, sanctions were voted against Russia, the representative of Israel abstained.


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