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  Raids in Berlin: The Customs goes against illegal work and the police against smugglers – Berlin | Bit Updates
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Raids in Berlin: The Customs goes against illegal work and the police against smugglers – Berlin

Thursday, January 18th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

It's about hundreds of thousands, if not even millions of euros, betrayed offices, bruised workers, ripped off account holders – at dawn, units of customs and police, especially in Berlin, but also other cities, have launched three raids. For example, customs officials searched twelve buildings and apartments on the building for suspected organized illegal work. 150 officials were on duty, documents were seized. Specifically, it is about the suspicion that minimum wages, social security contributions and taxes were not paid. According to reports, the main suspect is supposed to be a contractor from Turkey. Also on Wednesday, federal police officers raided 20 apartments and offices of a family of Syrian-Polish smugglers nationwide. The suspected men and women are reported to have illegally transported Syrians to German cities via Poland. Also in this mission, the focus was in Berlin, where the police said a woman and a man were arrested. Also searched were places in Bavaria, Saarland, North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony-Anhalt, Lower Saxony, Baden-Württemberg, and in Polish cities. More than 170 officers were on duty. A third suspect is fleeingA 26-year-old woman with Syrian roots and Polish citizenship was arrested in Charlottenburg, at the same time a 40-year-old Syrian in Weißensee. A third suspect in Berlin is apparently still fleeting. The officers seized telephone, computer, USB sticks. According to the Reuters news agency, the suspect is accused of having smuggled Syrians across the Gulf States and Poland to Germany, where they filed for asylum. The group working for the Polish-Syrian family is said to have first provided Polish tourist visas. The Syrians to be transported flew to Poland and arrived in cars in the Federal Republic. In total, 300,000 euros have been earned Pro slipped to Germany person asked the family 8000 euros, a total of 300,000 euros have been earned. The smugglers, who regularly operate in Central Europe, are said to have exerted "considerable pressure" on the migrants so that they could pay the smuggler's salary. Now it is being investigated because of bandits and commercial smuggling of foreigners, also on suspicion of social fraud and abusive asylum applications: Thus, members of the Syrian-Polish family with false personal details in Germany have registered as politically persecuted asylum seekers. Syrians are still the most important asylum seeker group in Germany. Last year, according to Reuters, about 49,000 first-time applications were counted by Syrians. Also on Wednesday, officials in Bremen searched at the behest of the prosecutor's office in Berlin, the apartment of a suspected fraudster: The man is said to have fraudulent with accomplices account information. Then he tried to get to the mobile numbers of those affected to systematically steal money from their accounts via online banking. Overall, the Berlin prosecutor's office incurred 120,000 euros damage.


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