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  Qualification for the World Cup: Outstanding Messi shows Argentina's tricky situation – Sport | Bit Updates
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Qualification for the World Cup: Outstanding Messi shows Argentina's tricky situation – Sport

Wednesday, October 11th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Well, they will be happy at the Fifa World Federation, in Russia and above all at home in Argentina. Thanks to Lionel Messi! Once again everything went well. For the World Federation, the host of the coming World Cup and the football world power at the Rio de la Plata. Argentina have yet to make the leap to the 2018 World Cup. This promotes the business and could have provoked a lot of distrust of the reputation of all parties involved. Fifa, Russia and Argentina do not enjoy the highest international respect when it comes to fair competition. But in the end, they were all just nepidists. The time for a big playerThe all-outstanding personality of this memorable final of the Eliminatorias, the World Cup elimination in South America, wore a blue-white camel and a late pubertal pointed beard. Lionel Messi was the man of the night. The Argentinian world star resident in rebellious Catalonia has silenced at the latest in the late stages of the qualifying matches, which still claim that the Messi in the Argentinian jersey is only a moderately talented name of Messi in the red-blue of Barcelona. Three goals in the Quito showdown say enough about the class, but also about the patriotism of this century footballer, who was born some time in Rosario, but who knows that yet. The 3: 1 victory in the all-important game in Ecuador stands as a monument to a great footballer. For someone whom Argentina has never really loved, despite all the admiration. Unlike his predecessor, Diego Maradona, who would have liked to conquer the Falklands 30 years ago with the machine pistol in his hand. No world power moreLionel Messi has saved his home in the economic decline in the night to Wednesday before another crash in self-respect. He has made after the early and shocking backwards, which makes a good leader: the calm preserves and signs. This man is also a good Argentinian beyond nationalistic self-esteem. One who makes his countrymen happy and gives them hope. And, at the same time, to them concurrently shows how intricate the situation is. For this Argentina is no longer competitive, as far as its export number, called football, is concerned. The former football world power has indeed qualified for the World Cup and is hardly more than the CDU in the shadow of the eternal Angela Merkel. More details will follow in June 2018 in Russia.


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