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Promotion of Home Ownership: An Extremely Social Thought – Politics

Friday, November 10th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

When rents and home prices are rising, especially in the big cities, because interest rates are low and the pull of big cities is high: then it's time for a reversal. But where? As interest rates are not rising overnight, it is impossible for a free society to stop urbanization. Who wants and can, remember. Because of the ever-prevailing housing shortage, apartments in the GDR were awarded according to strict rules. This was matched by housing allocation plans and immigration permits. Housing permits, environmental protection areas and conversion prohibition ordinances are instruments of western deficiency management. Are they therefore better? The experience in Berlin, East and West, teaches: No, the core is nothing at all. If the leaked from the Jamaican exploratory talks now that the new federal government will phase out the ineffective rental price in 2020, but strongly encourage new housing construction want, then that's good. And if the Greens succeed in negotiating the subject of share deals, joy is announced. The entire system is in fact stuck in a dilemma and it gets more and more weird, the longer the interest rates stay low. The authors of the Berlin constitution went from historical to completely different economic conditions. Nonetheless, their objective of the state of affairs, as expressed in Article 28, is a visionary force to rebalance real estate affairs: "The country promotes the creation and maintenance of decent housing, especially for low-income people, as well as home ownership." Berlin promoted the creation of residential property especially for low-income people? Not that we know. This is a very social thought and could be red-red-green. But the current state government is there for election tactical reasons that tenants remain tenants. It is advised from the view that apartments are not built by state-owned combines. We depend on private individuals – with profit – to do what eliminates the shortcoming: apartments at affordable prices, and also for owners. Economically and financially, the times are still dazzling. A reduction in the land transfer tax would be a first step. The undifferentiated rip-offs of those who want to create property can not be justified and contradict the state constitution. Especially since Berlin with Brandenburg at this tax nationwide at the top. The second step: Private property developers and project developers should be asked by the state of Berlin and its districts for a round table. There is much to do. Who will tackle that, if not the Senate?


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