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Porsche works council boss wants to delete official e-mails in the spare time

Monday, December 18th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

    (Image: dpa / Andrea Warnecke)
             After work, the work continues for many employees somehow – official e-mails are still answered late in the evening. Stop it, calls for an employee representative.


        Concerned about excessive workload, Porsche works council chief Uwe Hück calls for automatic deletion of office e-mails during leisure time. Employees' mail accounts should be blocked between 7 pm and 6 am as well as on weekends and on vacation, Hück said to the dpa in Stuttgart. "In the evening, read emails from the boss and answer, is unpaid working hours, which increases the stress – that's not." Mails that arrive during this time should automatically be returned to the sender and no longer be present in the employee's mailbox, ie deleted automatically.
Stricter RulesHück aims at a company agreement, which provides for such a mail lock. This would tighten the rules of the Porsche parent company VW. At the Wolfsburg car manufacturer tariff employees can no longer receive or send mails during the week between 6 pm and 6 am as well as on weekends. But these are not deleted – in the morning, the electronic mail is then read. That is "comparable to a radio hole," says a VW works council spokesman.
Such a rule does not go far enough for Hück. "What good is a mail lock for you when you come to the office and have to work through tons of mail first?" The sender would have to send important e-mails again during the day, according to the works council. However, there are exemptions, for example for the late shift or for colleagues whose jobs include communication with China or the US, ie markets in other time zones.
Right to unavailabilityA similar system of approach exists at the carmaker Daimler. There, employees can set their mail account so that the electronic mail is automatically deleted on vacation and the sender is informed. But this is based on voluntariness – there is no mandatory requirement. The deletion offer will certainly be used, explained a Daimler spokesman. A statistic about the use does not give it however. That was an individual decision of the individual employee, who would be "promoted and respected". At BMW, in turn, there is a "right to unavailability after work, on vacation and on weekends". In between, the mail servers are blocked at the Munich but not.
Stricter protection conditions for the workforce are also economically viable according to the presentation of Porsche works council chief Hück. "The shortage of skilled workers will be exacerbated, the search for employees is becoming increasingly difficult – so you have to nurture and nurture the workforce so that they stay in the company for as long as possible." If, on the other hand, one did not do anything against the high workload, the shortage of human resources in the economy would be aggravated. "Without better protection conditions, a wave of burnouts would come," warned Hück.
The e-mail rules should only apply to collectively paid employees, non-tariff employees – such as executives – would be out. "If you get a high bonus as a manager, you can also answer an e-mail in the evening."
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