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Pop Culture Festival: Full of Start – Culture

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Boxes are standing on the floor. It looks a little messy in Jeff Özdemir's small 33RPM store at the Wrangelkiez. He apologizes for the disorder. He had just returned from Bremen, where he runs a kind of pop-up recordstore in a bar once a month, doing what he does in Berlin: selling records. Vinylboom, vinyl boom, "the regular trip to Bremen is part of my calculations to get on with my record shop," he says. But there is another reason for these short trips. He has a band, The Fadeouts, nearby, in Bremerhaven, where he lived a few years before he moved to Berlin in 2010. The group plays a rocky rock, and Özdemir is the drummer. So he has a lot to do with his trips: first sell records, then tape rehearsal.Man never know what the next piece brings. One could assume that the man is already sufficiently loaded with what he is doing in Berlin. He runs a small record company like his store, and he publishes his own music under the name of Jeff Özdemir & Friends, respectively his and his friends. Two double LPs already exist, the second has just been released. The music on it could hardly be further removed musically from the Bremerhaven garagenpunk. Jeff Özdemir & Friends make everything possible between electronic pop and jazz, just no rock. In different constellations with singers, musicians and producers, he has recorded a record that sounds like a perfectly rounded mixtape. There is sometimes French, sometimes Japanese, sometimes Turkish and also Portuguese sung. One song is based on synth bubbling, the next is dominated by a trumpet. You never know what the next piece brings, only the basic mood always remains the same: cramped and casual. Özdemir and his colleagues have put together a perfect album to hang out on a summer Sunday afternoon. And over curious songtitel like "The doctor does not like that" or "The man, who was not fully at the start" one must not be too much the head. Jeff Özdemir, "free for interpretations," says a music lover. He himself plays drums, organ, piano, bass, guitar, chime and synthesizer on the record. As a musician he is broadly placed, and the offer of his record store reflects this. From jazz to rock to disco everything is here. "I like pop music and I'm on the 80s punk. But also hip-hop. And, of course, jazz, "he says. And without adding an eyelid, he adds, "And Wham. And Rick Springfield. "How did he come out on Rick Springfield, who was considered uncool?

 Özdemir begins to swarm from the most exaggerated record productions, and once in the jubilee, he does not cease so quickly. Here a music lover speaks, so one tends to the Fachimimlei. Although he often notes that he is just talking too much, or perhaps something too penetrating check, whether one or that musician, this or that record knows. He then excuses himself and says, "Thank you for listening to my whole voice here." In the next moment, however, he is already backing up a few records to hold a talk about it. Twenty years ago, Özdemir already had another band, Jeff Özdemir was born in Turkey, in a small town on the Black Sea. As a three-year-old he came to Germany, to Bremerhaven. He is not called Jeff Özdemir, but Adem Mahmutozlu. The artist's name is supposed to identify the different worlds that make him, describing him as the Turk (Özdemir), who already felt more like Jeff in the eighties. At that time he listened mainly to American hardcore.
 There was a similar name game in him. Twenty years ago the 44-year-old had a band called Faruk Green. Also here is a typical American name next to a typical Turkish. Faruk Green was only a few years, their second record was released by a London label. Everything looked like a breakthrough, but then a band member, a friend of Jeff Özdemir, and the band died. Now, apart from the band in his old homeland, he makes music alone. And not at all. Thanks to musicians from F. S. Blumm to Benjamin Wild, with whom he plays his songs. Someone who likes to communicate and exchange as much as Ozdemir can not bury himself alone in his living room to produce. He is stunned by the boycott of Arab musicians

 In this respect, the boycott of the pop culture festival by the Arab musicians has triggered "stunnedness": "Music should actually bring all together and to a table." Like with him. "In the case of joint grilling as well as in fat studios" his pieces were created, he explains that the production conditions are always different. Everywhere, even here in the record shop in quiet moments, he would work on song sketches, which would be worked out in other places, usually with other musicians. "Nothing is static about my work, nothing tied to a particular place," he says, everything is constantly in flux, work in progress. He has already compiled enough material for at least eight editions by Jeff Özdemir & Friends, chill-out on endless Sunday afternoons.Jeff Özdemir & Friends Vol.2 has appeared at Karaoke Kalk. There will be a concert at the Pop Culture Festival: Prater, 23.8., 21.00


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