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Pentium processors in gold and silver

Friday, October 6th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

    The LGA1151 types can be recognized by the Pentium Gold logo in the future.
             The difference between soldered and socked Pentiums and their computer works is to emphasize more in the product name.


        From November, the different architecture variants of the Pentium processors for desktop PCs will be better kept apart. For this, Intel supplements the CPU names around the terms silver and gold, similar to the case already with the server processors Xeon (Skylake-SP) is the case. Up to now it was only possible to see from a single letter, whether it is a soldered low-cost processor (Pentium J / N) with atomic architecture or a more powerful offspring of the Core-i family (Pentium G) for the LGA1151 socket.
First processors with the new name scheme are the soon to appear cheap cheap Gemini-Lake CPUs like the Pentium Silver J5005. Intel's internal documents, published by GamersNexus, point to this. The Gemini-Lake processors have improved data processing capabilities as well as enhanced video capabilities.


          Available soon under gold label: Intel Pentium G4600.
    Officially, Intel has released the logo and the modified packaging for the LGA1151 Pentium from the Kaby Lake series. According to Product Change Notification 115827 (PDF) Pentium G4560, G4600 and G4620 will run under the brand Pentium Gold.
However, the renaming of Intel is only half-hearted. In the Celerons, there will be no distinction between silver and gold in the current state, although the chip maker also uses them to solder with atomic (Celeron J / N) as well as core-i architecture (Celeron G).




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