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Pay please! 123456 … Your password is mine!

Wednesday, January 31st, 2018 | bitcoin updates

             February 1st is Change Change Password Tag – a day that wants to raise awareness of important password security. And that is apparently necessary as long as "123456" is the most popular password of the Germans.


        Our lives are increasingly shifting to the digital world and are largely online: we go shopping at Amazon and Co., watch TV series and movies on Netflix, and do money transfers and online. More and more private data are on the net and thus potentially spy out. Therefore, using secure passwords becomes more and more important.
123456 most popular German password Nevertheless, the passwords "123456", "hello" and "password" continue to top the popularity list of German Internet users in the latest study by the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI). Also names of pets or dates of birth are still popular, but can be cracked as easily with a dictionary attack. In addition, billions of name / password combinations have been flushed into the net by Yahoo & Co.'s record-breaking data leaks. For example, you can find out if your accounts were affected by HPI's Identity Leak Checker.



        Pay please!

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Since people are not very creative internationally when it comes to encrypting their online accounts, the technology blogs Gizmodo and Lifehacker 2012 called for the first "Change your password" tag.
Good password, bad password. Finding a hard to crack password is not that complicated. Especially important: passwords should not be unimaginative. They should contain letters, numbers and characters and be as long as possible. In addition, a different password should be used for each online account – because a password was cracked, then hackers directly have access to all accounts that are "protected" with the same password. Meanwhile, many websites require a more complex password with characters, letters and numbers from your users – but not all. How to make yourself a good password, we explain in this guide.
In addition to insecure passwords, saving the credentials on your PC or smartphone poses a risk. The feature is handy, but it allows unauthorized access to your accounts and possibly even payment information. If you still do not want to give up your credentials, you should use two-factor authentication, which offers more and more online services.
Password managers help you remember If you do not want to think of an imaginative password with letters, numbers and characters for each service, you are a candidate for a password manager. There all passwords can be stored like in a vault. The trick: you only need to remember one master password to gain access to all other passwords. Password Manager is available as an online or offline solution. How password managers work and how to use them is summarized here. But even then caution is advised: Again and again, vulnerabilities in password managers are found, through which attackers can read passwords.




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