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  Outlook for Alphabet's Daughter: This is Googles Year 2018 | News | Bit Updates
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Outlook for Alphabet's Daughter: This is Googles Year 2018 | News

Friday, January 5th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

Alphabet can look back on a successful year. Whole $ 6.7 billion, the tech giant was alone in the third quarter. The share rose over more than 35 percent year on year. With new divisions and improvements, the business should continue to be driven and profits should be boosted.
Big profits through advertising revenue

Google owes its good earnings figures particularly to its advertising division. In the third quarter, this brought in $ 24.1 billion in profits. The advertisement used to be mainly based on registered search terms, in order to suit the interests of the users as far as possible. Meanwhile, other data such as the browser and search history as well as the e-mail addresses provided by advertisers are used for the evaluation. With machine learning and collaborations with major retailers such as Walmart and Target, Google has made further efforts to make the ad more viable, and the subsequent potential purchase. Should these continue in the New Year, Alphabet can look forward to additional profits.
Strengthening the cloud business

One business that has seen a boom in recent years is the cloud market. The increasingly popular outsourcing of programs to the Internet brought many tech companies incredible winnings. Leading providers include Amazon, Microsoft and Alphabet. With the Google Cloud platform, the latter can keep up well in the cloud computing environment, lags behind compared to Amazon and Microsoft but still something behind. With the help of acquisitions such as the software developer Apigee, the cloud trading platform Orbitera and the provider of cloud identity management software Bitium, Alphabet has already made several attempts to expand its cloud business. Such cooperations should follow in 2018.
Smartphones and augmented reality

In 2017, Alphabet dared to re-enter the smartphone business by buying up the HTC smartphone division for $ 1.1 billion. In addition, the new smartphones "Pixel 2" and "Pixel 2XL" were introduced in October and expanded the Android operating system by means of updates. Really big changes did not happen in 2017, though. So it could be that the Google mother for 2018 holds one or the other surprise ready.

The growing importance of augmented reality – the computer-aided extension of reality – is prompting many companies to develop their products in this direction. Google has already made some initial moves towards AR, with the internet giant launching Google Glass nearly three years ago. Whether the smart glasses will be expanded or new AR platforms integrated in Android or in services such as Google Assistant, Google Maps or Gmail will show in 2018.
Fully autonomous vehicles

But the business of Alphabets does not just include the Internet, computers and smartphones. The giant is also aiming for the development of an autonomous car. Waymo – another subsidiary company Alphabets – is currently working on a system that allows vehicles to move completely autonomously. In order for the ideas to finally be put into reality, however, it requires a partner from the automotive industry, in whose vehicles the system can be installed and tested. So far, many automotive companies have been reluctant to engage in third-party projects such as Waymo. But as pressure and demand for at least level 4 fully automated driving grows, some corporations may need to reschedule themselves in 2018.
Platform for ad-free videos

The 30-second advertising and the strong competition made Google subsidiary YouTube in recent years increasingly create, so in 2015, the new subscription YouTube Red was introduced. With this, videos can be called ad-free and offline. With only seven million users for YouTube Red and Google Play Music, the platform lags behind its competitors, such as Apple. Alphabet wants to change that and, according to a Bloomberg report, plans to launch a pay-per-view music service with streaming on-demand and integrate YouTube elements into the Red subscription. If the plans are implemented in 2018, competitors like Apple and Facebook can get warm.
Share Buyback Program

Given its size and financial resources, Alphabet has been reluctant to reward its investors. Investors will not receive any dividend on Alphabet. On the contrary: Alphabet spends billions of dollars to buy back its shares. So in 2018 you can be prepared for an aggressive share buyback program. Among other things, this benefits from the tax reform of Trump, which relieves companies more and taxes their profits generated abroad at a lower rate.
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Image sources: Alphabet Inc., Denis Linine / Shutterstock.com, anchinthamb / Shutterstock.com


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