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Otcrit Platform – Trading Information

Monday, February 19th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

Read the article: The crypto market has seen a boom over the past year and countless exchanges have emerged as part of this new trend. Almost all of them for one reason only: to earn as much profits as possible. Tokens are listed only because their inventors can afford to pay for expensive listing procedures and fees. However, the users are left on the track. You have no choice but to speculate on what could be the price of such a newly listed token without real use. Exactly this situation leads to immense bubble formations in the crypto-economy. To counteract this disaster and its associated risks, the Otcrit team, which believes in the future of blockchain technology, has decided to focus exclusively on projects that deliver real value. The Otcrit trading platform is currently working on one much needed development when it comes to the concept behind crypto currency exchanges. Specifically, it is about combining one Exchange with another product. The Otcrit Platform aims to reposition itself in this market by sharing in-depth information and reports on blockchain projects with experts in-house and members of the community, and publishing them on the platform. All users can participate in this process and create analyzes or reports on crypto projects in different categories such as Team & Founders, Competition, Industry, Code Evaluation, etc. The users on the platform can not only create these reports themselves, but also from Request other users and pay for the work in the form of the OTC token. The Otcrit database will help traders make better investment decisions and stay informed. Seeing the impact of forks, updates and new milestones on the prices of listed tokens will undoubtedly greatly appreciate the Otcrit team's commitment to keeping the community up-to-date. Based on valuation fundamentals, the Not only will the market capitalization be considered, Otcrit will publish its own OT-100 index, picking up the best crypto assets from Otcrit's understanding. This index will also play a role in over-the-counter trading on the Exchange, making it easier for the general public to buy larger amounts of tokens without having to deal with prices. The reference to the real economy for Otcrit is that most important criterion. The Exchange will only list projects with trusted team members, concrete business plans and tokens that can actually be used to purchase services or products. The listing on the stock exchange called Otcritex will be completely free except for a cost of the necessary audit. For general information: Currently, listing fees of several hundred thousand euros are required on all stock exchanges. Octobercrit will enable several good ICOs to become visible via the Exchange. ICOs whose tokens are listed continue to monitor Otcrit and then evaluate whether goals are being met. All projects that live up to their roadmap and are completely transparent to the community will be rewarded with a percentage of Otcrit's profits generated from each token's trading. However, blockchain projects are not the only ones that benefit from Otcrit : All holders of the Otcrit token OTC are involved on a weekly basis with 10% in the profits Otcrits. Distributions are made in ETH. The Otcrit team promises that there will be no compromises in the UI and UX areas. Many exchanges neglect the interface or fail to improve the user experience. Because Otcrit is community-centric, the platform evolves based on user feedback. All customer managers will be actively looking after the community without having to worry about traders for weeks until a certain problem is resolved. The founders of Otcrit want distributed-ledger technology to prevail and stand for sustainable development away from wild price speculation. It's time to get back to the basic ideas behind the Blockchain. These include: increasing trust, reducing middlemen and allowing more freedom. A stable crypto-economy can be achieved by a stronger penetration of the everyday life. Otcrit therefore wants to find the best projects and give them a stage. If you want to be part of this positive development, you can go to the Otcrit website and look at the alpha version of the Otcrit Platform. You can also join the token pre-sale, which will be open until March 15, 2018.https: //otcrit.orghttps: //platform.otcrit.org/presaleAbout Tobias SchmidtTobias Schmidt has been a contributing editor for the team since August 2017 BTC-ECHO. He holds a bachelor's degree in Politics and Economics from the University of M√ľnster and worked as a student assistant during his studies. In addition, he gained professional experience in parliamentary work and strategic communication before moving to the journalistic field. Since 2017 he has devoted himself to blockchain technology, focusing in particular on the many different applications in politics, business and society. All contributions by Tobias Schmidt


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