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Oneplus logs data of smartphone users

Thursday, October 12th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

             According to the discoveries of a blogger, the smartphone manufacturer Oneplus is in the criticism. The blogger revealed that Oneplus smartphones sends detailed usage logs unanonymously to the manufacturer. And that can not be switched off.


        Oneplus smartphones collect detailed and non-anonymous usage data of their smartphones and send them to the Chinese manufacturer. The British securtiy and tech blogger Christopher Moore found this out in early June. Responsible are Schnüffelfunktionen in the manufacturer's own OxygenOS.
OnePlus's late response to the accusation now causes the waves to rise.
Free data


          Christopher Moore shows in a section some of the data that Oneplus receives from its users, without which they can disable it.
            [Link auf https://www.chrisdcmoore.co.uk/post/oneplus-analytics/]
    During the analysis of the data traffic, Moore noticed that the domain "open.oneplus.net" appeared conspicuously often. It belongs to Oneplus and is hosted on AmazonAWS servers. To this address the smartphone sends two https data streams: one for authentication and one for "pushdata". This again contains an access token as well as the user data encoded in base-64 in JSON format. These are, for example, operations such as switching on the display or crashing.
More explosive is that the IMEI number and telephone numbers, the IMSI prefix, but also Mac addresses, WLAN names as well as the device number are transmitted. This device number is to be assigned to the customer by name, since he can only get the device by the manufacturer himself by direct mail.
The further analysis of the blogger revealed that even was transmitted, which apps were as long as open. Responsible for this are two instances, namely the OnePlus Device Manager and the OnePlus Device Manager Provider, in particular the OneplusAnalyticsJobService in the OnePlus SystemService. In just ten hours, according to Moore, 16 megabytes of data transferred to the manufacturer.
Oneplus: That is wanted


          The OnePlus service for collecting user data can be uninstalled, says Twitter user Jakub Czekanski.
            [Link auf https://www.chrisdcmoore.co.uk/post/oneplus-analytics/]
    It is not possible to switch off the involuntary data export according to the demand for Oneplus service. In a tweet on the blog entry of Christopher Moore, the Twitter user Jakub Czekanski pointed out the possibility to uninstall the Oneplus service without root access.
Oneplus responded with a hair-raising response: A spokesman admitted against the website Android Authority the correctness of the allegations. According to Oneplus, two data streams are sent: The transfer of the usage data can be switched off, but the second stream with device information is not. These data are needed for better support. Why is it necessary to log the user behavior in detail, the spokesman said.
The fuzzy response should not satisfy particularly safety-conscious customers and miss the mark a further scratch in the paint. The company was struggling with problems, including crashes of the OnePlus 5 in the emergency call, poor service and incorrectly installed displays. The irony of the story is that the after-sales support of Oneplus is a massive criticism.
His discoveries made the software and security blogger Moore with a Oneplus 2. The answer from Oneplus, however, suggests that the allegations can also be transferred to newer devices. The editorial department, however, has not been able to comprehend this yet. Under certain circumstances, different Android versions are also responsible for this.




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