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  Off for Presidential Presidential Candidates: The Oberpopulist Leaves the White House – Politics | Bit Updates
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Off for Presidential Presidential Candidates: The Oberpopulist Leaves the White House – Politics

Friday, August 18th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Stephen Bannon was ready. Already some time ago, the 63-year-old superpopulist in Donald Trumps told White House to be confidant, he reckons every day with his release. On Friday it was as far as the White House communicated. The president fired his controversial chief strategists after the latter had become increasingly under pressure in recent days. But Bannon's farewell does not automatically mean that the Trump government abandons its right-wing populist line. The opposite could be the case. Bannon is the fourth high-ranking employee of Trump, who left the White House within a few weeks. In July, spokesman Sean Spicer, staff chief Reince Priebus and communications director Anthony Scaramucci were eliminated. The new Chief of Staff, former General John Kelly, was said to have played an important role in Bannon's farewell: Bannon was the head of a right-wing populist and isolationist faction in the government, who were constantly struggling with realpoliticians such as security advisors Herbert Raymond McMaster and Kelly himself. In addition, Bannon surrendered with Trump's spouse-in-law Jared Kushner, an influential advisor to the President.Ob of the posts is now occupied, is open In the official announcement of the White House, Kelly and Bannon agreed that Friday was the last working day of the chief strategists In the presidential office. Whether the Bannon-created post was newly occupied, remained open. As several media reported, Bannon himself had asked for his release on August 7th. In the past few days, Trump has seen growing demands for the release of Bannon. The former head of the right-wing Internet platform Breitbart News supported Trumps statements, according to which the right-wing violence in the city of Charlottesville last weekend was partly the fault of Gegendemonstrand. Trump had said that among the right-wing demonstrators of Charlottesville were "some very fine people". In the city, a suspected neo-Nazi had killed a woman and 19 other people were seriously injured. Possibly, Bannon's statements in the left-leaning magazine "American Prospect" were the last decisive factor for his dismissal. In this, Bannon emphasized, among other things, that Trumps threats to proceed militarily against North Korea is a bluff. He also expressed his displeasure about the realpoliticians in the White House. Bannon then explained that he had not known that the journalists wanted to quote from his conversation with representatives of the magazine. According to media reports, Trump had already been very angry in the spring to press reports, which portrayed Bannon as the most powerful stripper in the White House.

US citizens' groups welcomed the dismissal Bannon designated himself as an economic-political nationalist and globalization adversary. He is the driving force behind Trump's thesis that other states, on the pretext of free trade, have disadvantaged the US and have caused massive job cuts in America. The chief strategist was also decisively involved in steps to implement a restrictive immigration policy such as the controversial Muslim ban. In addition, Bannon had announced the fight to the government bureaucracy in Washington.
┬áRepresentatives of US citizens' groups welcomed Bannon's dismissal as overdue. Immediately prior to this, key politicians from Trumps' government division of the Republicans had distanced themselves from the President. After his dismissal, Bannon will now be leading "war" against Trump, wrote the conservative commentator Ben Shapiro on the website "Daily Wire". Outside the White House, Bannon had more power than in the government. Bannon has powerful allies. Thus, arch-conservative politicians in Congress supported the chief strategists especially because of his announcement to destroy the "administrative state" in the US capital. That is why Bannon's dismissal is a victory for the White House and the government in the government, which, along with Kelly and McMaster, include Foreign Secretary Rex Tillerson and Secretary of Defense James Mattis. These stakeholders hope that government work will now be more regular and predictable. Whether this hope is fulfilled depends not least on Bannon's further steps. In media reports it is speculated that the 63-year-old can become a dangerous populist opponent of the government without the involvement in the discipline of government work and force the government to a right-wing populist course. According to the news site "Axios", Bannon told a confidant that he felt liberated without his commitment in the White House. The right-wing conservative billionaire Bob Mercer could serve as a sponsor of Bannon's upcoming activities. Bannon denounced the right-wing Breitbart platform as his "killer machine," as "Axios" reported. The fight against globalization supporters in the USA is now being considerably tightened. Breitbart has been running a campaign against realpoliticians and security consultants McMaster for weeks. It is also speculated about the possibility that Bannon would promote Trump to right-wing voters, which would also make a realpolitical line of the US government – with the necessary compromises – considerably more difficult.


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