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  Nuclear Agreement with Iran: Trump Throws Tehran's Violations of Atomdeal – Politics | Bit Updates
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Nuclear Agreement with Iran: Trump Throws Tehran's Violations of Atomdeal – Politics

Sunday, October 8th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

A miserable deal and embarrassing for world power USA: President Donald Trump makes no secret of his rejection of the international nuclear deal with Iran. Now Trump is accusing Iran of officially violating treaties, but, according to media reports, is afraid to announce the withdrawal of America from the agreement. Therefore, all eyes are on the Congress in Washington, which is likely to decide soon on the fate of the agreement. The European partners of the US fear a new nuclear escalation in addition to the dispute with North Korea and do everything to prevent a collapse of the Iran Treaty. The worries are justified. The US president does not think much of negotiations with regimes that are striving for nuclear weapons despite international pressure. Against North Korea, for example, "only one thing will work," he wrote on Twitter on Saturday – apparently an allusion to a military confrontation. Previously, he had talked about a "calm before the storm" without explaining what he meant. New threats also against North KoreaBis next Sunday, the Trump government will have to submit a report to the Congress on the question of whether Iran will comply with the regulations of the Treaty concluded in 2015 to prevent the development of an Iranian nuclear bomb. Most experts and the UN attest to the Iranians' contractual behavior, but Trump and Hardliner in his government, such as UN ambassador Nikki Haley, argue that the agreement did not stop the aggressive behavior of Iran in the Middle East or Iranian rocket tests in a speech before the deadline According to Trump media reports, therefore, his position on the Iran deal in the coming days. According to some reports, he wants to explain among other things the Iranian Revolutionary Guards to the terror organization. In the nuclear treaty, the President wants the agreement to be extended by additional requirements for the Iranians, and that time limits on UN inspections in Iran are canceled. This rejects Iran, which is why the future of the agreement is on the verge. Government members warn against canceling contract As soon as Tump accuses Iran of officially violating the treaty, the US Congress has two months to talk about the reintroduction of sanctions against Teheran to decide. This is where the convincing work of the Europeans who want to receive the contract is based. They are looking for the interview with influential senators of Trumps Republicans who have a majority of only two votes in the Senate: Only a few deviants could prevent new sanctions and thus a collapse of the agreement since the opposition democrats are in favor of the continuation of the treaty.

German, French and British are backed by the fact that important members of the Trump government also warn against an end of the Atom Valley. Defense Minister James Mattis recently emphasized before the Senate that the agreement with Iran was in the American interest. Foreign Secretary Rex Tillerson and Chief Prosecutor Joe Dunford are also convinced that the US itself will isolate itself if it opposes the European allies. The opinion of Mattis, Tillerson and Dunford could make the one or the other senator think. However, as is often the case in the Trump government, it is not clear whether the supporters of the treaty are also heard by the president himself: "Predicting are difficult," said the Middle East expert David Mednicoff of the University of Massachusetts our newspaper. There are many politicians in Washington who wanted to get the Iran deal because it works according to prevailing opinion and because he has opened up new opportunities in Iran by removing the sanctions. But Trump loved to follow his gut feeling.Mullahs supposedly ready to negotiate Trump promised to quit the Iran agreement in the election campaign. If he now conveys a negative assessment of Iranian behavior to the Congress, he is a sign of his followers, but shifts responsibility for further action to Congress: "Wash my fur, but do not wet me," commented Washington Post "columnist David Ignatius. If the US impose new sanctions, Iranians, Europeans, Russians and Chinese would be able to continue without the Americans as before – Washington would be outside, Iran would have divided the Western allies. Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic, therefore proposes to leave the Iran Treaty untouched, but to talk about American concerns about Tehran's interference in various conflicts in the Middle East and the Iranian missile program. This could be a way out, says Middle East expert Mednicoff. The Tehran government has meanwhile indicated its willingness to talk about the country's rocket program, according to news agency Reuters. Whether a new negotiation process, which leaves the nuclear agreement intact, will depend on the Congress. It is also open, whether Trump has a concept for dealing with Teheran beyond his criticism of the Iranians. European diplomats are not so sure. "Do the US have a strategy for this?" Asked a high-ranking European government representative in conversation with the "Washington Post" a few days ago. "Maybe they have one. I dont know."


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