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Norway wants to become greener | heise online

Monday, December 11th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

    (Image: Ole Jørgen Bratland / Statoil / PR)
             The largest oil company in the Scandinavian country is increasingly relying on renewable forms of energy and has set up a large offshore wind farm in the UK.


        410,000 British households will supply a new wind turbine in the North Sea off Norfolk. Behind the project is the majority of the Norwegian oil giant Statoil, Technology Review reported in its online edition ("Statoil: From oil to wind?").
However, the idea for the now 67 turbines equipped installation off the British coast in Norfolk, which has an ideal capacity of 402 megawatts, does not come from the Norwegians. In the fall of 2012, they bought an already approved project from the British Warwick Energy Limited – together with the Norwegian energy supplier Statkraft, which also owns the majority of the Norwegian state.
Also involved is the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company, also known as Masdar, which is looking for new sources of revenue away from oil and gas for the desert state. The last turbine for Dudgeon was installed in September. In October, the test phase started, since the end of November to run the standard operation.

    Image 1 of 4
    3 of 67: Installation of a wind turbine in the Dudgeon offshore wind farm (Image: Roar Lindefjeld / Woldcam / Statoil)

The facility, which is about 32 kilometers from the coastal town of Cromer, was originally supposed to be bigger. Warwick initially wanted to install 560 megawatts of power, which were then reduced. The number of turbines does not exhaust the license, which is supposed to cover up to 168 windmills. Statoil, Madar and Statkraft have praised the fact that construction costs have been cut by 15 percent since the investment decision in 2014. So one started "on time and under budget", it was said.
Statoil plans to invest around 10 billion euros in renewable energy sources by 2030, which, according to the Group, must be profitable. At the same time, however, the company is also expanding its petroleum business, so close to starting a controversial project in the Barents Sea.
More at Technology Review Online: (bsc)


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