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  Noise pollution on Berlin streets: Stay away from the horn! – Berlin | Bit Updates
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Noise pollution on Berlin streets: Stay away from the horn! – Berlin

Sunday, January 7th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

The Berliners can look back on a long tradition of street fighting: the barricade uprising of 1848, the Berlin March fighting of 1919, the workers' uprising of June 17, 1953, or May 1 in Kreuzberg in 1987. These events revealed social opposites, firearms and stones and incendiary expressions of aggression. In the permanent war condition of the streets of Berlin, there is only one weapon left today: the horn. Allies are no longer known. It is the principle of everyone against everyone. To anticipate this: When I'm in Berlin with my Peugeot 206 on the road, I also feel a pronounced hatred of everything, which moves slowly and my ego reinforced by a few horsepower in the way. I still use the horn only in extreme emergency, I rather bite quietly into the steering wheel. Because with no form of locomotion the authoritarian character unmasks as much as when driving. In tough Berlin traffic, the aggression can not be expressed with a rising speed needle. Anger, therefore, needs another valve. Despite, resentment and impatience in southern countries, honking is a greeting or a friendly hint. In Berlin is covered with Hupsalven, which is not three on the side strip. Imagine this behavior once without a car. Would not every human being rightfully be laughed at, who creeps loudly when the person in front of the baker collects the change too slowly? But in the streets of Berlin everyone is allowed to be toddlers again, guided by defiance, resentment and impatience. When is it possible for a car driver in an inner-city area to emit an audible warning signal? For one reason alone: ​​"If you see yourself and others at risk, you can use the horn," explains Josef Harrer of the German Car and Travel Club (ARCD). Now one could argue that the Huper permanently consider their lowered self-esteem as endangered. But if you are looking for a valve to inhibit the instincts, please visit an anti-aggression training or chop wood. Horns out of anger is forbidden, and now for copying: Forbidden is the honking out of trouble. Hearing is forbidden for hesitant car drivers, who noticed the green phase of the traffic light a second too late. And to finally swing me to the spoilsport: Even the acoustically voiced joy of winning football matches is not above the law. And how is a misuse of the horn punished according to the fine catalog? With five euros. You have not read it: with five ridiculous euros.

The Berlin Land Immission Control Act, on the other hand, provides for fines of up to € 50,000 for unnecessary noise. Why does a testosterone-flooded notorious permanent horn have to pay tens of thousands less than a pensioner who mows the lawn on Sundays? The Senate Administration clarifies: The Highway Code has priority. However, such formal-juridical justifications do not help my flayed ears when commuters deliver the first battles under my bedroom window early in the morning. The horn is an acoustic weapon. The sound pressure level of an average car horn is 105 decibels, and is thus at the level of thunder, Rock concerts or a jackhammer. In Frankfurt, a motorist was in court, who had scared the horn of an elderly cyclist, the cyclist then rushed and injured. The driver was sentenced to a fine and the payment of compensation. That's right, but does it have to get that far? The horn is an acoustic weapon. And if the legislature wants to prevent the first desperate souls resort to self-defense measures, he should now act. The inner-city noise harassment by the horn must be interpreted as what it is in 99 percent of cases: at least one misdemeanor in the sense of "harassment the general public ", if not even a criminal offense such as coercion. Stop the acoustic barbarism!


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