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Noise instead of contemplation: Donald Trump's difficult December – Politics

Monday, November 27th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Normally, Donald Trump would soon have time to put his feet up and look back on the achievements of the past few months. The first year of a new US president is usually the most productive time of the head of state at all. But with Trump it is different, he has almost no political great success. Therefore, the last weeks before Christmas with a whole series of decisions to bring the turn, but the chances are bad: The contemplative Advent is in Washington at the time of political tension. Important by-elections, impending bans on budgets and rioting in his own party could spoil the president's festivities – and openly document his failure. In her first year in office, many of America's presidents can energetically push ahead with their legislative agenda, before moving on to the second year. for Trump so in the near 2018 – in-between elections in Congress pending, which reduce the willingness to compromise in Parliament. After that, the preparation for the next presidential election begins. For the man in the White House, therefore, there is no better time for success than the very first months in office. Not only health care reform has failed measured by these experiences Trump's first year in office was a failure. Although he was able to accommodate the conservative judge Neil Gorsuch at the Constitutional Court, but the widely announced health care reform failed. The at least as important tax reform has passed the House of Representatives, but encounters in the Senate resistance from important politicians from Trump's Republican Party. Budget politicians miss a solid counter-financing of Trump's promised tax cuts. With a majority of only two votes in the chamber, the president can not afford many dissenters. This majority could soon shrink further. On December 12, in Alabama, the by-election for a seat in the Senate, in which the arch-conservative Republican candidate Roy Moore against the Democrat Doug Jones takes. The region in the deep south is a hereditary farm of the Republicans, but Moore is not only extremely conservative – he wants to prohibit, inter alia, homosexuality – and right-wing populist, but also a suspected sex offender: Moore as a young man has tried several times to abuse teenagers.Mehrheit could melting into one voteThe Republican party leadership has called Moore to give up his candidacy, but Trump stands by him. So the party faces difficult times: If Moore loses against the Democrat Jones, as predict some polls, the Republicans have only one vote in the Senate. If Moore wins, he could face demands for a party expulsion.

Even before the important election in Alabama, difficult negotiations between the two parties to prevent a budget freeze are pending in Congress. If there is no agreement, after 8 December state institutions such as national parks or museums would have to close because there is no money left. Trump's Republicans need the support of at least eight Democrats in the Senate to avoid the suspension – but the opposition ties their cooperation to conditions. The game is politically risky for both sides, because neither Republicans nor Democrats want the public for the state's insolvency be held responsible. This Tuesday Trump will try to find a solution at a meeting with the leaders of both parties. During the meeting, the President should come under considerable pressure to agree to compromises in matters such as immigration or health policy. This, in turn, could cause discontent in their own party.Specialist Trump keeps tightening up.These issues actually require the undivided attention of the president, but Trump still has to deal with other urgent issues. Russia special investigator Robert Mueller is drawing ever closer circles around the man in the White House. Mueller, who filed suit against Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort in October, is currently focusing on ex-security advisor Michael Flynn. According to media reports, Flynn is seeking an agreement with Mueller for a punitive rebate in exchange for a statement. Such a deal could give Mueller new insights into the alleged involvement of the Trump campaign team in Russian electoral manipulation – and make the president sweat. Republican Cahrlie Dent predicted a "wild December" in the Washington Post: The first Christmas in the White House may be anything but peaceful and harmonious for Trump.



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