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  News Blog zum Sturmtief: Railway chaos and death by "Friederike" – World | Bit Updates
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News Blog zum Sturmtief: Railway chaos and death by "Friederike" – World

Thursday, January 18th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

            Siren alarm in Duisburg In North Rhine-Westphalia, several Rhine bridges and motorways had to be closed because of overturned trucks. The Cologne fire department alone reported about 300 missions by noon, in Duisburg it was 280. There the city warned with sirens of the storm danger. Crisis staffs were formed in many places. The police and fire brigades in the most densely populated federal state reported on a full-coverage basis of fallen trees, blown traffic signs and rooftops covered by the hurricane. There were also injured. In Ratingen, a woman was hit by a falling tree, according to the fire department. She came to a hospital. On the 555 motorway near Cologne, two people were injured when a storm broke a truck. In Ense-Lüttringen in the district of Soest, emergency workers evacuated a kindergarten after the orcans had covered parts of the roof of a nearby school building. According to police, there was a risk that the debris could damage the day care center. In the region many cars were damaged by falling roof tiles. In Plettenberg, the roof of an industrial enterprise flew into a residential building and severely damaged it. "Friederike" also caused chaos in neighboring countries. In the Netherlands, there was nothing left on the tracks and roads; Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam temporarily canceled all flights because the weather service called for the highest level of alert. In Belgium, a woman died when a tree crashed on her car. Especially in northern Germany, the snowfall caused by the orkantief caused problems on Thursday. In Hamburg, a 17-year-old suffered life-threatening injuries, as a thick branch, according to police broke under the snow load and hit him on the head. There alone there were 125 accidents in the morning. (AFP)
            Sturmtief "Friederike": 59-year-old killed by treeWith devastating force, the winter storm "Friederike" hit Germany. In North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony, the Deutsche Bahn stopped completely on Thursday, the fire brigades drove hundreds of missions for fallen trees and other storm damage, there was also a dead and several injured. The road and air traffic were disturbed, the Cologne / Bonn airport stopped at times launches and landings. In Lower Rhine Emmerich a 59-year-old was killed on his property by a falling tree. In many cities, the authorities called people to stay in buildings. Weekly markets were canceled and parks closed. In some federal states, school lessons were canceled or ended earlier. The German Weather Service warned against storm gusts with 120 kilometers per hour and more. Accordingly, "Friederike" should pull in the course of Thursday from North Rhine-Westphalia over the southern Lower Saxony and North Hesse to Thuringia and Saxony. Along the way of the storm were thus also several big cities like Cologne or Berlin. However, there were also further north and south, in addition to the deep snow and rains ahead, which ensured smooth roads and other related problems. The Deutsche Bahn stopped in the morning, first train traffic in North Rhine-Westphalia and parts of Rhineland-Palatinate , at noon then also in Lower Saxony. The long-distance traffic was massively disturbed nationwide, in many places were stranded numerous stranded passengers at the stations. (AFP)


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