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  News Blog on Potsdam: Explosion or fire in the city of Potsdam defused – Berlin | Bit Updates
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News Blog on Potsdam: Explosion or fire in the city of Potsdam defused – Berlin

Friday, December 1st, 2017 | bitcoin updates

– Near a Christmas market in downtown Potsdam on Friday a package with a blasting or fire sentence has been found.- The affected area was cleared, defused the package of experts, as the police announced.- After the attack on Berlin Breitscheidplatz on 19 December 2016, Christmas markets will be particularly protected nationwide this year.





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        2017-12-01 17: 02: 24 + 00: 00

          Christian Tretbar


            What was previously known from Potsdam The package was not parked at the Christmas market, but parked in front of a pharmacy. The package was controlled blasted in the package nails and wires were found, whether explosives were in the subject, is currently being investigated.Backgrounds are unclear








      2017-12-01 17: 28: 17 + 00: 00

          Kai Portmann











      2017-12-01 17: 28: 39 + 00: 00

          Kai Portmann











      2017-12-01 17: 25: 39 + 00: 00

          Christian Tretbar


            This area of ​​the Potsdam Christmas market is closed off:









      2017-12-01 17: 23: 52 + 00: 00

          Kai Portmann


            The police warns against premature conclusions about the subject. The content is still under scrutiny.









      2017-12-01 17: 19: 52 + 00: 00

          Christian Tretbar


            Minister of the Interior and Mayor are on the spot Interior Minister Schröter and Lord Mayor Jann Jacobs (SPD) are on their way to the pharmacy, in front of which the package was deposited. Jacobs expects the Christmas market to return to normal tomorrow. Jacobs thanked the forces for their professional and quick action.









      2017-12-01 17: 17: 11 + 00: 00

          Christian Tretbar


            Police are looking for possible further packages. Police are currently checking whether there are any other packages on the Christmas market. Interior Minister Schröter also explained that there could possibly be more packages.









      2017-12-01 17: 09: 58 + 00: 00

          Christian Tretbar


            Interior Minister: Nails found in packageIn the vicinity of the Potsdamer Weihnachtsmarkt found package were according to
Brandenburg Interior Minister Karl-Heinz Schröter (SPD) nails. Whether in fact
was also explosives in it, is unclear, said Schroter on
Friday evening. The police speak of an "unconventional explosive and fire device" (USBV).









      2017-12-01 16: 47: 53 + 00: 00

          Christian Tretbar



        The suspicious object was defused.










      2017-12-01 16: 46: 39 + 00: 00

          Christian Tretbar



1/2 The pharmacy owner has told @PNN_de: he was informed by the store manager about the parcel, which was delivered by messenger, around 3 pm. When unpacking you would have noticed "that the strange wires looked out". #potsdam # christmas market
         pnn.de on Twitter (@pnn_en)

        Our colleagues from the Potsdam Latest News are on site.










      2017-12-01 16: 47: 00 + 00: 00

          Christian Tretbar











      2017-12-01 16: 45: 30 + 00: 00

          Christian Tretbar


            Package was parked in front of a pharmacy The package had been turned off in the afternoon in front of a pharmacy. Inside there should be cables, among other things. The police had already precaution shut off an area around the locality. The police informed on Twitter about the events. She called for the instructions of the officers to be obeyed.









      2017-12-01 16: 44: 57 + 00: 00

          Christian Tretbar











      2017-12-01 16: 44: 37 + 00: 00

          Christian Tretbar


            "Hazardous substance" found in packageIn the package was determined by special forces of the Federal Police a "hazardous substance". The police spoke of a USBV, an "unconventional explosive and fire device".


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