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  New Takeover: Apple's New Acquisition Indicates an Interesting New Product | News | Bit Updates
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New Takeover: Apple's New Acquisition Indicates an Interesting New Product | News

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Apple has strengthened its position in the field of augmented reality with another acquisition: The Canadian company Vrvana is an expert in augmented reality headsets and has been researching technologies that combine augmented and virtual reality since 2005. That has cost Apple 30 million US dollars, reports "TechCrunch". So far, Vrvana has developed the "Totem" mixed reality goggles that allow the wearer to switch between augmented reality and virtual reality at will. However, "totem" has not yet brought it to market maturity.
Tim Cook and Virtual Reality?

While Apple CEO Tim Cook has long ago expressed himself as a big fan of augmented reality, in the case of virtual reality he was previously regarded as a great skeptic. In contrast to the BBC, Cook worried about VR shielding people socially and lacking depth of technology. Therefore, the Apple CEO located the VR technology rather in the niche area. So what does Apple intend with a company that – at least half – has committed itself to virtual reality?
What is Apple hoping for from Vrvana?

The conclusion is obvious that Apple wanted to invest with the acquisition, especially in the know-how of Vrvana employees and was less driven by an interest in Vrvanas product itself. According to "Techcrunch" already some employees from Vrvana to Apple have moved to California. The evidence is tightening that Apple wants to bring their own augmented reality glasses to the market by 2020 – the knowledge of Vrvana employees could therefore prove to be extremely useful. Among the previous customers of Vrvana are also quite well-known names. So the company was already working for Tesla and Audi – a quality feature.
Vrvanas "Totem" – a kind of prototype for Apple's product?

While Apple may not market Vrvana's product, the "totem" prototype may still provide clues as to what features Apple may also envision on the Apple AR goggles. "Totem" has a resolution of 1280 by 1440 pixels per eye at 75 to 90 Hz. The field of view should be up to 120 degrees. On the front of the housing are camera sensors, which measure the environment by means of infrared light and thus do not need any further external sensors. As with Microsoft's "Hololens," the sensor network then creates a 3D pattern of the environment in which the digital elements can then be embedded. The brain of technology is a special mixed-reality chip that Vrvana has developed.

With the recent acquisition, Apple has again strengthened in the field of AR. Vrvana is now in line with the other Apple subcontractors Metaio, Faceshoft, FlyBy Meda and SensoMotoric and the tension with regard to the Apple AR glasses is increasing – probably until 2020.

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Image sources: Vytautas Kielaitis / Shutterstock.com, Denis Kuvaev / Shutterstock.com, Andrey Bayda / Shutterstock.com, Marek Szandurski / Shutterstock.com


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