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New Captcha Technique Watchs User Solve Riddle

Wednesday, February 21st, 2018 | bitcoin updates

    Secure Authentication: For voice and voice recognition, the response and response time are also included.
                (Image: Apple)
             When logging in, captchas should accept people and lock out automatic bot systems. Sharp systems already work here with face recognition. Researchers from Atlanta have now introduced a system that allows the user to puzzle.


        In order to clearly differentiate human users from unwanted bot systems when logging in, and to be able to lock out the latter, Captcha systems provide users with simple tasks. But the artificial intelligent bots are getting better, which is why captchas are constantly being optimized, for example already around face recognition. A new approach extends this technique by a kind of video telephony and observes the user solve the puzzle.
Those who do not want to be confused with a bot first have to release their front camera: The Georgia Institute of Technology's real-time captcha system sends changing puzzles and simultaneously analyzes the portrait image and the voice of the respondent, who is given little time to make convincing responses ,

Unpredictable issues plus time pressureThe problem of many captcha queries: "Attackers usually know what authentication is required, such as showing a smile or a blink, so it's easy to generate in real time, even on a simulated face." explains Erkam Uzun, research assistant at the project Real-Time Captcha. The scientists introduced the new system this week at the Network and Distributed Systems Security (NDSS) Symposium in San Diego, California.


          Human Responsiveness in the Audio Channel: The timeframe for a simulated response is probably the biggest problem for bot programs.
          (Image: Georgia Institute of Technology)

    The researchers' approach is therefore to increase the challenge of automated systems with unpredictable puzzles and limited response times. The trick: The little puzzles are to demand a person only seconds to think, while a bot program already takes six to ten seconds to recognize the underlying question – too long for a permitted answer.
Four Safety ParametersA small hurdle for flesh and blood people, a daunting challenge for artificial intelligence: the new Captcha system requires users to look into their smartphone camera while answering a simple random question. In addition to the answer, the Captcha controls the portrait of the customer as well as his voice parameters – and the reaction time.


          Cat-and-mouse game with artificially intelligent bot systems: flowchart of the new real-time captcha.
          (Image: Georgia Institute of Technology)

    Test series at the institute with 30 persons prove that the riddles can usually be solved within one second. A good lead in the cat-and-mouse game with artificially intelligent bot systems, says Prof. Wenke Lee, co-director of the Georgia Tech Institute for Information Security and Privacy. "Enhanced by such a captcha system, the simple face recognition is much safer."




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