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Networked speakers: Sonos launches public Alexa beta and presents new speakers

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

             With a software update, users from the US, UK and Germany can now connect Sonos to any Alexa device. There is a new Sonos player with built-in Alexa. In 2018, Sonos will support Apple Airplay 2 and Google Assistant.


        Sonos introduced a whole series of innovations in New York:
 Sonos today announced a software update with new apps for Android and iOS. The new software allows integration with Alexa-enabled devices such as the Echo Dot to control existing Sonos systems. Tidal and Pandora follow Spotify as apps, the Sonos Sonos ONE, a new speaker that combines a PLAY: 1 with Farfield microphones, is the new Sonos ONE can be controlled directly by Alexa. Sonos will accept pre-orders for € 229 as soon as possible. Next year, Sonos will support Apple Airplay 2 so that you can control Sonos also with Siri and can output the sound of any Apple devices directly on Sonos loudspeakers. Also in 2018 Google is second Partner to Amazon and bring the Google Assistant to Sonos ONE.
Sonos faces great challenges. In the USA, more and more consumers are buying voice-controlled loudspeakers like the Amazon Echo. That is why the then CEO John MacFarlane changed the course in March 2016. Sonos should have a similar strategy to voice streaming services. Instead of having a single partner, with many manufacturers such as Spotify Connect, Sonos now supports about 80 different vendors. The voice control can not deliver Sonos itself, but rely on foreign competence. Ideally, the speakers should work with all the assistants.
Voice Recognition In August 2016, Sonos announced a partnership with Amazon, in February 2017, the company demonstrated the Alexa integration for the first time. Own hardware that could support Alexa, Sonos did not have in the program.
The PLAY: 5 newest generation has two microphones installed. But they were intended for the space adjustment of the sound, as it delivers Sonos with Trueplay tuning using the iOS app. For the detection of a wake word ("Alexa", "Hey Google", "Cortana" or "Hey Siri"), but they are not good in the wide environment of the loudspeaker. By the panning to the voice control remained the PLAY: 5 microphones so far unused.
Challenges By sharing data to partners, Sonos had to adapt the privacy policy and got a blue nose, especially from customers who had no interest in voice control. Communication to the necessary changes was unfortunate. With the customer remained hang: either I agree or I remain forever cut off updates.
Sonos has no interest in passing data to others. But everything that is spoken after the Wake Word is transmitted by each speaker, be it with the software of Amazon, Apple, Google or Microsoft to the language-learning data center of the partner. And the backend also needs some metadata, such as the names of the local speakers.
With the Alexa integration, there are still enough challenges. "Game emol lets däntz vun dehvit bohvie inde küsch" will also be understood. The fact that at home is rarely bounced high German, is not only for Sonos a Stolperstein.




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