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  Negotiation on Wednesday: environmental aid sued cities: VW cheat diesel should be shut down | News | Bit Updates
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Negotiation on Wednesday: environmental aid sued cities: VW cheat diesel should be shut down | News

Sunday, January 21st, 2018 | bitcoin updates

This Wednesday (24.1.) The first of the ten lawsuits is being heard at the Dsseldorfer Verwaltungsgericht (Az .: 6 K 12341/17). The environmentalists had asked the vehicle registration authorities to prohibit the cars with exhaust cheat software on public roads. In addition, the environmental aid makes pressure on a public appeal. As a result, citizens have proposed more than 1300 sites for the measurement of harmful nitric oxides. Because of the illegal software, the license for Volkswagen EA 189 EU5 cars has expired, environmentalists argue in their actions against the cities. The vehicle registration authorities would have to withdraw the operating permit for the cars and shut them down. The approval authorities had not followed – so the lawsuit. In mid-December 2017, however, the environmental aid failed before the Schleswig-Holstein Administrative Court with complaints against the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) in the exhaust gas scandal. The association is not entitled to bring an action, decided the third chamber of the court. According to VW, it is clear from the written judgment of the Administrative Court in Schleswig that the EC type approval for vehicles with diesel engines type EA 189 was not extinct or invalid. The environmentalists wanted Among other achievements, the KBA will accept the type approval of two Opel models. In addition, the DUH regards the recall order against Volkswagen as insufficient. According to DUH, other defendant cities are Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Cologne, Mainz, Munich, Stuttgart and Wiesbaden. "We want to achieve with these lawsuits that the air quality in these cities is not further burdened by the operation of the fraud diesel from the Volkswagen Group," Jrgen Resch, Chief Executive of the DUH, the lawsuits substantiated. That the Group a new version the software offered is irrelevant from the point of view of environmental aid. First, it is unclear whether the software update restores the legitimacy of the operation. Secondly, numerous wagon owners would have waived the revised program. At present, about 600 cars in Dsseldorf would be affected by the demanded withdrawal of the license, said the city, which also refers to the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA). Decommissioning of vehicles took place on notice of the Federal Office. "We see that differently," said Prof. Remo Klinger, who represents the environmental aid as a lawyer in court. The KBA only approves vehicle types. However, the illegal shutdown facilities are not subject to the approved type. Thus, the registration authorities are in the duty, because the cars do not comply with the approved type. "" Why vehicles with inadequate exhaust systems still drive through the cities, does not close us, "said Klinger. "There has been a recall for insufficient brakes, it stinks to the skies and causes the air to be so dirty." In response to a call from the DUH, citizens have meanwhile suggested more than 1300 locations for the measurement of noxious nitric oxide. Most places are in Grostdten, but there are also about 70 in villages with up to 5000 inhabitants. In February, environmental health experts at 500 sites in Germany want to measure the level of nitrogen oxide pollution. "Obviously, this action hits the nerve of people suffering from diesel exhaust," said CEO Jrgen Resch the German Press Agency./fc/DP/heDSSELDORF/BERLIN (dpa-AFX)


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