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More than 230 dead after terrorist attack: Battle zone Sinai – Politics

Saturday, November 25th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

On the Sinai there are always attacks. But the recent attack on a mosque is certainly among the most devastating. More than 230 people were killed. Images shared directly after the attack on social networks show many bodies covered in cloth and garments lying on the floor inside the church. The green carpet is full of bloodstains. In other photos, injured people are driven away in ambulances and on the backs of cars. According to Cairo authorities, the attackers set several explosive devices around the Al-Rawdah mosque near the provincial capital of Al Arish, north of the peninsula, and set it alight the faithful came out after the traditional Friday prayer. Afterwards, four men from SUVs would have opened the fire on those seeking protection. Security forces are looking for the attackers, it said. President Abdel Fattah al Sisi convened a crisis meeting of the security forces and ordered a three-day mourning for the victims. At first, no one confessed to the act. However, it is considered likely that jihadists are responsible for the massacre. On the Sinai Peninsula, there has been repeated attacks for years by an offshoot of the extremist militia "Islamic State" (IS). "Soldiers of Sinai Province" is the name of this group. It is one of the most dangerous terrorist groups in Egypt. She even bragged about crashing a Russian passenger plane in 2015. All 224 passengers and crewmembers were killed at the time. The mosque is said to have been a meeting place for Sufis. However, the favorite targets of the "holy warriors" include Egyptian soldiers and policemen. Again and again, Coptic Christians and followers of Sufism, a mystical Sunni Islam, are attacked. They are considered by the jihadists as "infidels". The mosque is said to have been known as a meeting place for Sufis. The government in Cairo is massively opposed to the "warriors of God". The northern region of Sinai is largely a restricted military area. According to human rights groups, illegal executions often occur, including civilians. Meanwhile, there is also a buffer zone on the border with the Gaza Strip. Thousands therefore had to leave their homes. For those responsible in Cairo suspect the ruling in the coastal strip of Hamas, an offshoot of 1928 founded in Egypt Muslim Brotherhood to support the terrorists in the north of the Sinai. The fight of the Islamists against the Egyptian state has indeed increased after the military coup against President Mohammed Morsi again sharply. But even under permanent ruler Hosni Mubarak there were attacks. This was followed by a veritable wave of repression, suffered by the population. As a result, Bedouins living there joined militant Salafists. Last but not least, to do criminal business. The smuggling of drugs, trafficking in people and arms is common practice on the Sinai peninsula. Observers call these structures mafiös.Und President al Sisi has so far failed to stop the. Terror and anarchy prevail on Sinai. And the security forces seem helpless. (with dpa)


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