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Mood at Olympics: The Track of Games – Sport

Sunday, February 18th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

The DJs in the arena had acoustically cheered up the atmosphere with their thudding sound on their overly large mixing consoles, and the party collapsed to a climax. As Lim Hyo-jun raced to the finish to gold, there was no stopping him. The people rode along, the South Korean spectators stood, they whirled ecstatic with their flags, the wave sloshed through the round. Of control of the often so dominated in everyday life South Koreans nothing was felt. After 60 turns on the 111-meter circuit, the young South Korean had won the gold medal. It was already the 22nd gold for South Korea in a sport that has been Olympic since 1988. 12,000 people at Gangneung Ice Center witnessed it. Shorttrack is clearly the biggest fanshow of the South Korean Winter Games. For the South Koreans, the Olympics are mainly short-track games. The athletes are stars in the country. Almost 500 euros cost the best tickets for the skating events converted. The arena – the biggest of the games – is always crowded. For comparison: A ticket for the Olympic hockey final costs 130 euros, in the enjoyment of alpine descents the fan comes for a whopping 70 euros. Shorttrack is in the country what alpine skiing in Austria and Switzerland is, or ice hockey in Canada and Russia. In the Olympic short track, the Koreans are almost out of the running in the stands – but in the biathlon there are hardly any locals in the stands. Here often many places remain free. These games of Pyeongchang are not the one winter games, there are many small, jagged games of various interests. There is no common denominator here. That can be observed almost everywhere. The organizers have taken this into account as well, for example in music music. Modern sound in short track and snowboard, European skateboarders in Nordic skiing and the biggest Europop hits of the eighties and nineties in ice hockey. Also with the foreign guests the interests are clear. Biathlon and ski jumping are the undisputed German greats, a bit too the nordic combination. When Eric Frenzel came into the stadium for his Olympic gold in the match, "Hey Baby" by DJ Ötzi rang through the arena. It was as if the Alpengaudi had been imported into the mountains of South Korea. The stadium spokesman salved in his English comments word combinations such as "Eric, the Boy from Germany, dominated in the stands black-red-gold. The biggest common denominator for almost all nations is the figure skating Also a few Norwegians and Austrians sat at Frenzel's victory in the stands – and Mike and Carl from San Francisco were in the audience. Mike said, "My parents are from Norway, so I'm here. At home they think I'm crazy, this sport knows no one. Essentially, there's only ice hockey in my hometown of Minneapolis. "

Video17.02.2018, 09:56 Uhr01: 13 Min.Olympia halftime: 'All athletes are celebrated as heroes' The faction of ice hockey fans is actually quite big in Pyeongchang. If Finland has played, even a fine Wodkageruch pulls through the outgoing from the port city of Gangneung trains. There the Olympic indoor competitions take place. Mika from Helsinki is also on Friday among the many travelers in the white-blue jersey. They call with a 5: 1 against Norway in the back "Soumi", as well as they can at an advanced hour in their constitution. "Finland is bringing gold here. The Swedes beat Germany only 1: 0, ridiculous. The stupid Swedes we knock away, "says Mika. The Gangneung Hockey Center is especially full when the team of Olympic athletes from Russia plays. The many fans wave their Russia flags and roar down the stadium announcer whenever he uttered this strange phrase "Olympic Athletes". A small slap in the face for the Olympic Committee after the half-hearted non-lockout of Russian athletes and doping allegations. Some Olympic fans, however, only in the mountains – at the snowboard events, where are almost only North Americans. On the longer slopes, many guests from Switzerland cavort. The brother of a chance-less downhill runner says on Thursday: "For us Swiss this is a ski event, with some ice hockey."

 Every nation has its own sports, there are only a few cross-border commuters. Most of them may still be in biathlon. This not only interests the ice hockey fan Mika from Helsinki, but is also very popular in Russia. Also French and Italians are on site. On the toboggan run, the Alpine region is virtually unto itself. Only when the skeletonis race down the track will it become more international. The question of the popularity of a sport is, of course, due to its dissemination in the countries and the often associated medal chances. And it is a media-cultural history: who already runs biathlon, ski jumping or speed skating in Germany? Taken together, not even ten percent of people play table tennis. But above all the public broadcasters have done their work here in recent years through their many live broadcasts. They helped to create stars, such as Laura Dahlmeier. And they pay back with medals. The biggest common denominator for almost all nations is figure skating. Beauty just connects. However, the big hall at Aljona Savchenko's and Bruno Massot's dream break was not nearly as full as the short track. The hosts set the pace. They do the music locally. What arrives in the rest of the world has nothing to do with it. Every nation is making its own Olympic Winter Games.


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