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Monster Hunter World alluded to: Motivational Monsterhatz

Tuesday, January 30th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

    (Image: Andreas Müller / heise)
             The hunting season has begun: In the action role-playing game Monster Hunter World by Capcom, players can let off steam as they go hunting for dragons and dinos.


        With Capcom's Monster Hunter: World, one of Japan's most successful and long-lived action RPG series is celebrating its debut on Playstation 4 and Xbox One. A PC version will follow in the course of the year.
Simple gameplayEquip, hunt, fight: I've been chattering the game world for hours in this order and I'm looking for the next, bigger monster. My shining Späkäfer have led me this time to a kind of T-Rex, which turns out to be a tough chunk. His head throws constantly throw me in the air and his fire breath sets my clothes on fire. I dodge and try to hit targets to crumble its shell and dump valuable materials for my weapons and armor. But once again I lie helplessly in the grass, I wonder if I should rather get a few comrades to help.

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    On the hunt. Scout beetles point the way to prey. (Image: Andreas Müller / heise)

For soloists, Monster Hunter: World can be a tiring pleasure. There is no exciting story with original twists or figures that I can cheer on. Instead, it's only about two things: hunting monsters and making prey. That this is somehow related to an epic dragon migration is quickly becoming uninteresting. Each quest only serves to introduce new monsters.
Multiplayer fun Every time I hunt, my faithful, catlike companion, a so-called Palico, helps me. Above all, it serves as a distraction. Only with other human comrades the game unfolds its charm. With a maximum of four hunters, the repetitive killing or delivery quests turn into genteel adventure rounds. Instead of just beating it up with an ax or a sword, we should coordinate with each other. With targeted blows or elemental attacks crumbles the tank and at some point the cattle starts to limp. Only with such details you can see the state of the monster – it does not have a life bar.
The choice of equipment is crucial for the hunting success. Here are seemingly endless possibilities: 14 weapon classes for the near and far fighter and several armor sets, which can be equipped individually with combat and defense bonuses. With each new monster killed additional equipment options are added. In addition I can take traps and fishing nets with on the hunt. In a quiet minute, I can sit down by a lake and fish or I plant plants for potions in my base.
For professionalsWith the numerous equipment variants keep only connoisseurs of the series the overview; Newcomers feel overwhelmed quickly. Although many tutorials should make it easier to get started, but they slow down the game flow and confuse more with a lot of information. For that reason alone, nobody should underestimate the game. A successful monster hunt requires a lot of time and patience to work on the right equipment and combat tactics.


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Graphically, the game is beyond any doubt. The adventure lets players hunt through primeval forests, deserts or dreamlike coral worlds. With great attention to detail, the developers create a lively and open world of games that is populated with numerous giant birds, dinosaurs or dragons. The string soundtrack completes the epic game pleasure.
ZwischenfazitJa, it took me a few hours, until it sparked. At first I was surprised by the tasks and statistics. Which weapon do I choose? What armor should my Palico wear? Which monster part do I need for which weapon? The gameplay may be very simple, but the devil is in the details. After finally finding my way around, Capcom's Monsterhatz developed a motivating pull effect. Similar to Diablo it awakens the collection drive in me and I now spend hours to find this one special piece to supplement my armor. What I still lack is a sensible story that gives meaning to the whole monster hunt. So far it is an exciting, but not particularly profound game pleasure.
Monster Hunter: World has been released for PS 4 and Xbox One and costs about 60 Euro. A PC version is in preparation. We played the Open World Adventure for a few hours on the PS4.
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