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  Money-grabbing Android malware abused 10-year-old security gap Dirty Cow | Bit Updates
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Money-grabbing Android malware abused 10-year-old security gap Dirty Cow

Wednesday, September 27th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

  Money-grabbing Android malware abused 10-year-old security gap Dirty Cow



          27.09.2017 15:46 UhrOlivia of Westernhagen

              By exploiting a vulnerability in the Linux kernel already existing since 2007, a new Android malware victim is trying to pull money out of his pocket via mobile payment.
            TrendMicro has discovered the first Android malware that has been exploiting the Linux vulnerability Dirty Cow (CVE-2016-5195), which has been known for several years. According to the security software manufacturer, the pest with the alias AndroidOS_ZNIU is active in more than 40 countries – mainly in China and India, but to a lesser extent in Germany.
It has been discovered in more than 1200 alleged pornography and games apps that have been installed on over 5000 devices. TrendMicro calls "harmful websites" as a download source; nothing is known about finds in the official Google Play Store. Once on the device, ZNIU abused the dirty cow gap to gain root privileges and set up a backdoor.
Handle for the purse
According to TrendMicro, TrendMicro currently only uses the (digital) purse of the attack head after the (digital) purse has been placed in China. The malware uses mobile payment to transfer money to a mocking company.
In order to erase its traces, it then deletes all SMS associated with the transactions. The backdoor remains – and continues to pose a threat to users from all countries concerned.
Dirty Cow already known since 2007
The Dirty Cow chess site aka CVE-2016-5195 already existed at least since the Linux kernel version 2.6.22 – and thus for over 10 years. In 2016, security researchers showed that Android is also vulnerable to the rights expansion gap. On the release of fixed versions by the Linux kernel developers from the middle of October 2016 Google had in November and December security updates for Android follow.
At that time the kernel versions 3.10 and 3.18 as well as a number of Nexus and pixel devices were backed up. Also Blackberry has released a corresponding update. Which Android devices from other manufacturers are protected against Dirty Cow is currently unclear. This is due to the fact that manufacturers offer countless devices with branded software and patches have to be specially developed and released, which usually does not happen.




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