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Mini robot Cozmo gets advanced programming environment

Wednesday, November 15th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

    (Photo: Anki)
             In the future, more complex programs can be written for the robot toy via an extended version of the Code Lab tool.


Anki brings out an extended version of the programming tool "Cozmo Code Lab" for his mini-observer Cozmo, also available in Germany since September. This announced the company officially on Wednesday.
The new version, like the original one, builds on the foundations of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Google's Scratch Blocks, which in turn is a combination of Google's Blockly and Scratch from MIT. However, it allows much more complex programming – including variables, conditional statements, mathematical operators, and function calls.


          The Code Lab extension comes with a number of demo projects that let analyze and change ("remix").
          (Photo: Anki
    In addition, the icons that are still used are now arranged in vertical diagrams, which are much closer to text-based programming and offer more possibilities than horizontal ones.
Like the original version, which remains available as Sandbox Mode, the extension is part of the Cozmo mobile app. It will be between the base version and the SDK for Python. The "Constructor Mode" called extension wants to provide Anki on December 5 via a free app update. The demo will also include several demo projects that can be viewed and edited in Constructor Mode.




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