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  Milieuschutz and right of first refusal in Berlin: District Office Center could preempt speculators – Berlin | Bit Updates
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Milieuschutz and right of first refusal in Berlin: District Office Center could preempt speculators – Berlin

Friday, November 17th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg has already done it ten times, now could follow center – and apply for the purchase of a residential building in Wedding the right of first refusal of the district. It is a multi-family house with 31 parties on the corner of Amsterdam and Malplaquetstrasse. Tenants discover advertisements for their home on the InternetThe tenants had contacted the competent building councilor Ephraim Gothe (SPD) in alarm when they found an advertisement on the internet promoting their own home. "Old building corner house with potential in Wedding", it said in the ad. "It was very good that the tenants have contacted us," says Gothe. "So we have enough time to examine everything exactly." There is still no purchase agreement on the table, but he expects it in the coming days. Only then can it be checked whether the purchase price is above the market value. Wedding is one of the districts where rents are increasing the fastest in Germany. According to information from the Berlin tenants' association, rents have increased by one euro per year per square meter over the past three years around the Leopoldplatz, where the affected house is located. The Malplaquetstraße could also be located in Prenzlauer Berg: Several kindergartens, numerous cafes, restaurants and new bars attract many students and young families into the neighborhood. On the ground floor of the corner house, which is currently haggling, a second-hand shop has its headquarters. There, used Ikea shelves and old fur coats are sold. Opposite in the restaurant "Schraders" you get without reservation at the Sunday brunch table.Purchauf to protect the environment on the test bench Whether the right of first refusal applies, also depends on whether the potential buyer signs a so-called avertion statement, so committed to the objectives of the Milieuschutzes. Gothe reports that its authority has already contacted the Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Mitte (WBM), which would become a buyer if the right of first refusal were exercised. If a house is sold in a protected area, the district has two months to enter into the contract of sale, if it is to be feared that the investor will undermine the objectives of the environmental protection. This is often the case, for example, when rental apartments are to become condominiums.

The municipal right of first refusal, however, is under scrutiny. The district court has granted a suit of the Federal Agency for Real Estate Tasks against Tempelhof-Schöneberg, among other things, on the grounds that houses that are located in an area with a fixed development plan, in principle, are not subject to the right of first refusal. The verdict also shows that it may not be enough for a house to be in a protected area. The Senate appealed.FDP: The money is missing in housingGothe is confident that "the verdict will not last long". Even Florian Schmidt, the green building councilor in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, can not be impressed by the court's decision. "Slowly it begins, that other districts begin to buy," he rejoices. His agency has exchanged views with Gothe. "We support where we can." The conditions for the pre-emption are perfect because the state of Berlin support the measure against speculation. In the case of a social housing behind the Karstadt department store in the Antonstraße in Wedding the district did not intervene. The WBM had agreed with the previous owner and bought the house with101 apartments. "A great stroke of luck," says Gothe.Die FDP faction spoke on Thursday in the House of Representatives against the right of first refusal. With the money provided for this, not a single new apartment will be built, said MEP Sibylle Meister.


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