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Microsoft Delivers First Implementation for XAML Standard

Monday, November 20th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

             As a result of the announced unification of its XAML surface language, Microsoft has released a preview version of Xamarin Forms, which also understands control and attribute names from the upcoming XAML standard.


        At the BUILD 2017 conference in May 2017, Microsoft announced its intention to unify the various variants of its XAML surface-specification language. Now Microsoft delivers a first preview version of Xamarin Forms. This masters not only all previous controls but also control and attribute names from the upcoming XAML standard.
Microsoft uses eXtensible Application Markup Language (XAML) in several interface-description techniques: the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) in the classic .NET Framework, the Silverlight browser plug-in, its Windows 10 Universal Apps, and Xamarin Forms. While these four implementations share a common concept, the control and attribute names are different in many cases, as Figure 1 shows in a simple example comparing WPF and Xamarin Forms.
XAML StandardAfter the GitHub repository for the XAML standard did not make any progress from May to October on the original eight controls, there is now movement into the XAML standard. For Phase 1 of the project, Microsoft now names 30 controls, ten properties, and seven markup directives to be unified.


          Figure 1: Even a very simple user interface reveals the big differences between XAML in WPF and XAML in Xamarin Forms
    Xamarin.Forms.AliasAs part of its efforts to standardize, Microsoft has released a preview version of the Xamarin.Forms.Alias ​​Nuget extension package for Xamarin Forms, which introduces XAML names known from WPF and Universal Windows Apps as aliases in Xamarin Forms. Unusually, this Nuget package is not yet available from nuget.org, but only through a Xamarin website.


          Figure 2: Importing the Nuget package Xamarin.Forms.Alias ​​from the local hard disk
    After developers have downloaded the Nuget package, which is version and contrary to the announcement in the blog as "stable release" in Visual Studio (see Figure 2), downloaded and added manually, they must add a namespace in XAML ( xmlns: a = "clr-namespace: Xamarin.Forms.Alias; assembly = Xamarin.Forms.Alias) and additionally in the constructor of the code-behind class, enable the extension with Xamarin.Forms.Alias.Alias.Init () ;. After that, aliases are available in the XAML code for some Xamarin Forms controls (see table), but for the time being, developers must initiate these names with the Preview a: to point to the Xamarin.Forms.Alias ​​namespace All previous Xamarin Forms names can continue to be used unrestrictedly, so that there is no incompatibility with existing Xamarin Forms applications.

                Alias ​​names for existing Xamarin Forms names
                Previous Xamarin-Forms control name
                New alias name, according to the upcoming XAML standard
                Activity Indicator
                Progress ring
                stack layout
                text block
                content View
                User Control
        The following listing shows a revised version of the Xamarin-Forms example from Figure 1 using the new aliases. As it becomes clear, Microsoft has already added some attribute names to existing Xamarin-Forms controls. So


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