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Microsoft classifies the PoC program to Specter as vicious

Friday, February 2nd, 2018 | bitcoin updates

             Programs with the string "Squeamish Ossifrage", as used in Specter's Prove of Concept, now reject Microsoft's Defender.


        Whoever uses the strings "Squeamish Ossifrage" or "malicious_x =% p" in their program should not be surprised that Microsoft classifies him or her as a pest programmer. However, the famous mathematician Martin Gardner will turn around in the grave that the squeamish bearded vulture "Squeamish Ossifrage" has now become a nonsense, but so gladly with the cryptologists in the solution set "The Magic Words are Squeamish Ossifrage" in decryption problems.
Defender Launches The hustle and bustle of the past few days includes these non-verbal terms from the Prove of Concept for Specter-1, which uses Microsoft's Defender to detect malicious software. This indirectly punishes the ambassadors who, as Job, uncovered the gigantic security holes of speculative execution with the Specter and Meltdown scenarios.


          No chance to create programs with "Squeamish Ossifrage" from Visual Studio. Also "malicious_x =% p" is not allowed
          (Image: Andreas Stiller)

    Even when creating a program in Visual Studio, there is an error message and the Defender appears with "Threat found", without further break down. Real potential attackers are unlikely to be stopped by such Fisimatenten – and who would want to spend a treacherous "malicious_x" on the display of the victim system?
At best, this bothers the many programmers around the world who sensibly experiment with spectrally or meltdown-like attacks in order to explore the susceptibility of processors and operating systems in various variants (including the author of these lines). Meanwhile, GitHub has more than 160 Forks from Specter-1.
Microsoft's reaction can now either be classified as a panic reaction – or perhaps only as a homage to the James Bond movie Specter, where the Defender (here in the form of a Land Rover) played a moving role …
 (Andreas Stiller) /



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