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Mercedes shows MBUX infotainment system with artificial intelligence

Sunday, January 14th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

             Speaking and touching instead of pushing buttons: Mercedes' new operating concept not only has a touchscreen and voice input, but also an adaptive digital assistant.


        The new infotainment system from Mercedes is called MBUX and should work with artificial intelligence. Vehicle settings can be called up by touch on the cockpit display. For this, the driver does not have to scroll through menus, but turns and zooms a virtual car in the desired position and taps on the object he wants to adjust, such as the exterior mirror. The images render the system fluently in real time. Powerful processors from Nvidia make this possible, allowing data processing directly in the vehicle.


          MBUX comes with voice control and a digital assistant.
    For navigation and entertainment, Mercedes relies on its ability to learn. MBUX should recognize preferred routes, contacts, songs or radio stations and propose automatically if the driver needs it. Mercedes seems to be particularly proud of the global search: In the search term "Las Vegas", the system spits out not only navigation routes but also local radio stations and hotel recommendations. For this, MBUX uses data from Here Maps and Tripadvisor. If you do not want to type, you can also operate the system completely by voice. The voice input is started with the wake-up word "Hey, Mercedes". Thanks to local data processing, no online connection is required to recognize the commands.
Other special features include the navigation display with augmented reality. The latter, for example, displays turning arrows over a projection on the windshield directly on the roadway. An outdoor camera should also record signs and house numbers and display them directly on the navigation display.
Even though the presentation at the CES looked like a prototype, only serial components should have been used there. The infotainment system MBUX is already scheduled to go into production in the upcoming A-Class.




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