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Meatless pleasures: Veganer will not – Berlin

Sunday, October 22nd, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Maultaschen mit Spinach and onion-mushroom-melt, parsnips-turnip-rosti on vegetable-potato-cassoulet, lasagne of berglins with tomato sauce: Students can more and more vegan in federal higher education. This is the result of a survey conducted by the animal rights organization Peta in cooperation with the Deutsches Studentenwerk among all 58 students. 43 of them finally took part in the survey. It was already the fourth edition of the Vegan-Rankings of the Universitätsgastronomie – and the evaluation spectrum was extended: The canteens of six student institutions, among them also the Mensa "Veggie N ° 1 – the Green Mensa" of the Freie Universität Berlin on the Dahlemer Van't- Hoff-Straße 6 were given "four stars". In addition, 24 canteen offers with three "vegan stars" made it into the Topriege. Eight university colleges received two stars. The peta-view of five nursing homes with only one star is required. In the Berlin Veggie N ° 1 every day Veggie Day and Veggie Week every week – for this concept, the cafeteria, the hungry for example with a Buchweizenpfanne with pumpkin, leeks and smokers offers, four stars and a place high up in Petas Mensa-Ranking 2017. In addition to Berlin, the cafeterias in Augsburg, Essen / Duisburg, Erlangen / Nuremberg, Heidelberg and Koblenz are particularly busy with vegan diet. There are several vegetarian dishes available every day, theme cooking classes, free nutrition seminars, vegan cookery books, lectures and action weeks. Also four stars were awarded in the ranking. Overall the range of vegan dishes is creative and balanced according to the survey. Many studies rely on special training courses and continue their mensamitic work. In some places vegans can even get milk alternatives at the coffee machine. At a university, vegan burgers can be assembled online, which can be collected freshly prepared a few minutes later. "Ethics and environmental awareness have taken a firm place in German universities," says René Schärling, Peta's expert for nutrition. "Students can select healthy, climate- and animal-friendly vegetable dishes, and the student institutions take these wishes seriously." "Vegan dishes can also be prepared under large kitchen conditions," says Achim Meyer on the Heyde, Secretary General of the Deutsches Studentenwerk DSW), in which the 58 student and student organizations are united. "The university hospitality of the Studentenwerke, which has more than 400 universities across the country, is excellently adjusted to the different dietary requirements and expectations of the students. In the cafeteria everyone is happy, even vegans, "says the quote. According to Peta, vegans "not only lead a healthier life, but each one also preserves up to 50 animals a year before death in animal factories, slaughterhouses or fishing boats".


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