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  Meat Consumption: "An XXL Schnitzel is Perverse" – Economy | Bit Updates
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Meat Consumption: "An XXL Schnitzel is Perverse" – Economy

Thursday, January 11th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

Stronger meat consumption: Hubert Weiger, chairman of the German Federal Association for the Environment and Nature Conservation (BUND) is in favor. Kittens, canteens and hospitals should have smaller quantities on their plates – with the option to get a free lookup. If he could, he would abolish excessive portions of food in restaurants altogether. "An XXL Schnitzel is perverted," he said on Wednesday, when he presented with Barbara Unmüßig, board member of the Heinrich Böll Foundation, the "Meat Atlas 2018". According to the report, the Germans ate last year on average 59 kilograms of meat per capita – about one and a half kilos less than in the previous year, but hardly less than ten years earlier. From the perspective of environmentalists, however, only half should be consumed. This is also recommended by the German Nutrition Society. "It's not about not eating meat, but less," said Unmüßig. From the community

The calorie price of meat is significantly lower than the vegetable food. You have to be able to afford a vegetarian or vegan diet.

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To achieve this, consumers need to be better informed on how animals are kept in mass production and what the consequences of buying cheap sausage are – for their personal health and the environment. Farmers who keep animals in an appropriate way should be better supported. In addition, the 60 billion euro annual expenditure for agricultural policy of the European Union should in future only flow into animal-friendly and ecological agriculture. However, German politicians are also in demand. "The Federal Government must set the course this year for a sustainable conversion of animal husbandry," Weiger said. "Apart from announcements, little has happened in the past few years." The BUND and the Heinrich Böll Foundation are calling for compulsory labeling of meat – comparable to the egg marking, which has led to the caging of eggs from caging. A "voluntary animal welfare label with lax requirements", as proposed by Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt (CSU), is not enough. From the community

A stricter law and sufficient controls could help here. Of course, the price would rise and that's good. With agriculture ministers from the CSU something like that is of course unthinkable.

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A central problem of industrial animal husbandry is also the exorbitant manure pollution of German soils and groundwater. By contrast, only a levy on nitrogen surpluses and a consistent limitation of animal numbers could help. The benchmark should not exceed two livestock units per hectare, which are two cattle or ten adult pigs. As a result, pig herds would have to decline by several million animals. Western Lower Saxony and Westphalia would be particularly affected. According to the Ministry of Agriculture's recently published nutrition report, most consumers would pay more for meat from better kept animals. With one kilo of meat for ten euros, half of those surveyed would put in two to five euros. Almost as many would pay more for meat with a state animal welfare label. However, only 41 percent of respondents said that they are already focusing on seals today. The proportion of vegetarians has doubled in the past ten years to more than four percent. Around twelve percent of Germans try to reduce their consumption as flexitarians. Due to this development, the environmentalists feel confirmed in their pursuit and also promote laboratory meat and insect burgers. Meat production could become "sustainable in many ways". However, the farmers' association affirmed that agriculture wanted to make production more climate-friendly. Fertilizers with new technology should be used more sparingly and significantly more manure in biogas plants should be utilized.


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