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  Martenstein on Anti-Semitism: False Tolerance to Radical Muslims – Politics | Bit Updates
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Martenstein on Anti-Semitism: False Tolerance to Radical Muslims – Politics

Sunday, December 17th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

A survey of Jews living in Germany showed the following: Eight percent said they had been the target of one or more physical attacks during the past year. Almost one in ten. 36 percent were abused or insulted. More than a third. Respondents should also say who the attackers were. 81 percent of the attacks and 62 percent of the insults came from Muslims. The police statistics painted a different picture. To clarify this contradiction, the newspaper "Die Welt" has researched and found out that all acts in which a perpetrator can not be determined in the statistics are attributed to neo-Nazis, it does not seem to be what the victims say. Neonazis are dangerous. But the far greater danger for the German Jews now emanates from radical Muslims. Where this can lead in the worst case, one sees in France. Six million Muslims live in France, and the proportion of Islamists among them is growing. The number of Jews? It was, until a few years ago, more than 500,000. According to the AFP agency, 40,000 have already left the country and fled to Israel. Exodus.Women can not sit in a café in certain neighborhoodsIn a double interview, French feminist Elisabeth Badinter, author of the bestseller "Mutterliebe," and German Alice Schwarzer talked about the situation in France. Not only Jews but also women could no longer move freely in more and more parts of the city, even in certain cities. According to Badinter, it was not possible for women to sit down in a café there. Both emphasize that, of course, there are also hatreds and attacks against Muslims. This fact sometimes leads to false tolerance and bizarre solidarity in the media. There was a case in France reminiscent of the days of silence after Cologne's New Year's Eve. Sarah Halimi, a 65-year-old Jewish woman, was tortured by Muslims in her home and then thrown out the window under "Allahu Akbar" calls, she died. For two months only Jewish newspapers reported on this murder. The others are silent. I do not think integration courses fix this problem. Anyone who grew up in a traditionally Muslim environment has mostly heard in the family, in the mosque, on television: the Jews are the hereditary enemy. People change. But whoever stays in his milieu, among his people, in his language, the echo chamber of his neighborhood and his prejudices, seldom changes. As of a certain number, immigrants do not integrate themselves, but form a group. This is almost always the case in France. Afterwards no one should say that he did not know it.


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