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Market Researcher: No Language Assistant as Limited as Siri on the HomePod

Wednesday, February 14th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

    (Image: Apple)
             According to an analysis, Siri was only able to answer half of Correct answers to just under 800 queries from various subject areas on Apple's HomePod – far less than the language assistants of the competition.


        Apple's HomePod performs poorly compared to the assistance features of other smart speakers: The voice assistant Siri understands virtually all requests, but can only well half (52.3 percent) answer correctly and thus forms the last light among the networked speakers, as from a Analysis by the market research firm Loup Ventures.
In contrast, Microsoft Cortana was able to answer 57 percent of the queries correctly, Amazon Alexa 64 percent and Google Assistant or Google Home even 81 percent – from a catalog of a total of 782 queries divided into different topics.
The low hit rate is due to the limited functionality of Siri on the HomePod, the market researchers note – certain inquiries about dates, e-mails and calls are currently simply not supported. If you exclude navigation, calls, e-mails and calendars, the percentage of correct answers from the HomePod will increase to 67 percent. If Apple supports these areas in the future, the loudspeaker will be "considerably more useful", say the analysts.


          The smart speakers were asked questions about different areas.
          (Image: Loup Ventures)

    It is likely that Apple delivers missing Siri features with updates, but this has not been specifically announced. Problematic is the limited range of functions, because HomePod automatically picks up on the call "Hey Siri" – instead of allowing the iPhone to come to the train, which controls additional Siri areas.
Market Researcher: HomePod Best Listening to Apples According to market researchers, HomePod has better listening capabilities than the other reviewed speakers Google Home, Amazon Echo and Harman Kardon Invoke. Siri let himself be activated by a soft "Hey Siri" when the ambient volume is so high that you have to raise your voice to talk to other people in the same room. This is the "most brilliant feature" of the HomePod.
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